How to Temporarily Disable or Disable Eset Nod32 Antivirus in Windows 10

Windows 10 is a new version Windows operating system which has become very famous for being the last in its category. There are many new functions that can be found in it. Because of this, tons of users install them on their computer.

However, there are tons of versions of Windows 10. All of these are available for download, simply each user must recognize which is the best and most comfortable for him. Since computers receive constantly possible virus threats, it is understandable that users want to place antivirus.

Sometimes these antivirus have flaws or need to be deactivated or disabled for a certain time limit. Temporarily the antivirus Eset nod32 in Windows 10 can be disabled. Therefore, this article will focus on explaining how.

Why put an antivirus?

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As their main objective, these programs usually immediately detect viruses that can damage a computer. Malware, or malicious software, commonly known as viruses, can infect the system and that would damage the machine long-term (even the damage period would depend on the type of virus, and also on the amount of virus on the computer).

There are tons of Antivirus on the web, many are free and can be easily installedThere is antivirus for pc and also for cell phones, this is due to the amount of viruses that can infect devices connected to the internet.

antivirus animation

The antivirus Eset nod32 it is a quality antivirus that has an absolute capacity in the elimination of virtual parasites that can affect the software of the machine. This antivirus stands out among the group of the best because it is one of the ones that most protects and detects viruses.

Main steps to deactivate Eset nod32 antivirus for a temporary period

East antivirus must be paused at the user’s discretion. Many times a user will need to deactivate it since the antivirus prevents the user from downloading a document that is certainly known to be virus-free but the program is preventing its download. In other cases, something similar can happen with the installation of a program.

In cases like these, users take the will to want to temporarily disable the antivirus still in effect. In this case there are some steps to be followed primarily for deactivation.

disabling the computer's antivirus

You must first click on antivirus. The antivirus is usually always on the bottom bar of the computer, that is, on the toolbar. Among the options that appear after giving right click to antivirus, one of them will say: «Pause protection». In this case it can be pressed there.

There are cases where the icon to select does not appear. In cases like these, it will be necessary for the user to search with the up arrow and in this way the rest of the icons will be displayed. When the option to pause protection is still not found, you have to look in the setting so that from there it can be paused.

Final steps to take to temporarily disable or disable the Eset nod32 antivirus

After following the first steps, the second thing that the user will find will be a pop-up window that will open showing some text in the box. This text will explain what will happen on the computer when disabling Eset nod32. Among some things, the window will say that the computer it will be exposed to the entrance of any virtual parasite without protection.

The user at his own risk may continue with the process to deactivate Eset nod32 and can click where the screen indicates «Apply». Followed by that, you can click on another popup that will ask you again if you want confirm the deactivation of this antivirus.

The user You can set the time in which you will need to have the antivirus deactivated. And since it is temporary, once that selected time has elapsed, you will only have to restart the computer to be able to have the protection of this excellent antivirus again.

In this simple way it will be possible to temporarily disable Eset nod32, a clear and simple process that can be done by anyone.

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