How to Test a TV LED Screen with a Multimeter or Tester – Technical Tutorial

How to Test a TV LED Screen with a Multimeter

Testing the LED screen of a TV with a multimeter easily, it can be quite a useful task. Televisions have become a widely used tool in recent times.

Since the creation of the new technology in televisions, such as the ‘Smart Tv’, other equipment has been displaced, mainly the secondary devices such as: DVD and Bluray.

Those who have a ‘Smart TV’ do not have the need to use the equipment mentioned above, since they have access to the internet, from there they can download any type of content, such as games, applications, movies, series among others.

How to Examine the LED Screen of a TV with a Tester Easily?

Testing the LED screen of a TV with a multimeter in an easy way, seems to be one of the tasks most used by a technician. To do this you must uncover the TV and determine if it is a Smart TV or a normal TV.

What’s more, you must have a multimeter on handYou then need to search the display’s datasheet to find the positive and negative wires and if they have a pin attached to the display’s millions of LEDs.

Set the multimeter or tester to diode test function, then locate the pins of the display, connect the leads of the multimeter in place, positive and negative.

Then observe the screen when making a connection of the pins, you should be able to see even an illuminated LED, remove the cables after each test and repeat the procedure until all LEDs are checked from the screen.

test the led display of a television with a multimeter

If you can’t see light on any of the LEDs, it means that it is not working and, logically, it is damaged. If a considerable amount of LEDs are damaged, you will have to discard the screen or change the TV.

How to know if the internet connection of my Smart TV is slow?

Testing the LED screen of a TV with a multimeter in an easy way, provides a way to occupy the time. On the other hand, there are problems while browsing through the net, especially, when the user proceeds to connect the Smart TV to the internet.

One way to determine if a network connection is slow is to do it through a Smart TV, for this, you must determine if it is not a problem with your internet provider. If not, go to the browser of your Smart TV.

Then in the search bar type ‘Speed ​​test’, choose the page that catches your attention from the search results, once it loads, you start the speed test and, you wait for the results.

Before being able to determine if the connection is slow, you must know what type of plan you have contracted, to compare the results with the amount of ‘Megabytes’ granted by your provider.

Then, establish the difference between the results of the speed test and the plan you have contracted, if the result is less it means that the internet is very slow.

How to improve the image quality of my Smart TV or any TV?

Test the LED screen of a TV Using a multimeter in an easy way and controlling the image of a TV are actions that television users must frequently perform. Knowing if a TV is HD 4K or Full HD, it may be unknown, anyway to improve the resolution you must know the model.

technical tutorial test led tv screen with tester

There are times when the image of a television is not seen in the best way, which causes a big problem for users, since, prevents you from enjoying any content.

You can try to go to the configuration of the image of your TV, then, locate the option ‘Image quality’, if there is an active image attenuator you must deactivate it immediately. If that’s not the problem, find out if the ‘Energy saving’ It is active.

Disable ‘Power Saving’. However, if the image keep looking badYou could try going to the resolution of the image, selecting the highest or the one recommended by your Smart Tv or Tv. If all of the above are still not positive, it may be time to call for service.

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