How to Trace a Drawing or Draw a Silhouette from an Image in Paint step by step

There are a large number of programs on our computer that allow us to modify an image, which differ greatly in relation to the activity that the user wants to perform. Since it is not the same to open a program that allows you to edit photos, to a program to create drawings.

What we can say is that the basic components appear in all of them, that is, tools that allow us to do simpler things such as erase, paint, cut, paste and between other things. And among the programs that best handle these tools is Paint.

Without a doubt, this program is one of the most used, to draw or carry out any editing activity such as modifying the color. Since in addition to having a simple and easy-to-use interface, it has very intuitive tools. Therefore, it is important to know each of the functions that Paint offers us.

What is Paint?

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Paint is a program that comes by default in Windows operating system and you can update it to its latest version. With this, it is basically possible to make drawings of anything through extremely basic tools, so it is not difficult to use.

Paint screen

It should be noted that due to how little specialized this program is, there will be problems when a user wants to make a professional edition. Therefore, it works only for make simple illustrations such as shapes or drawings, cut out of screenshots, among others.

How are the drawings in Paint?

Normally, the drawings in Paint tend to be something basic. However, there are some creations that reflect true art and talent, no matter what basic functions that are used. There are even some paintings that have gained great fame on the internet, which were developed solely with this program.

But among the most common drawings that are seen in the program are those which are made to teach basic principles of painting to artists. These drawings usually have stick figures, two-dimensional houses, fruits, animals and among other things that are easy to do.

Is the Paint program good or bad?

In terms of criticism of the program, it is difficult to say whether the program is good or bad. Since in this type of discussion there will always be a large number of arguments that vary in relation to personality, work, style and other factors of the people.

Therefore, it is important to look at some overriding factors. The first is that the program already comes with the operating system, so we won’t have to download it, the second is that does not weigh or take up much space, and the third is that its operability is very good; therefore, we can say that it is good.

How to trace a drawing or draw the silhouette of an image in Paint?

One of the most unknown tools in Paint is that of trace a drawing or draw a silhouette, which are basically the same. And it is that well, this tool works in an amazing way with cartoon-style drawings, since with these it is easier than the program of a good result.

The first thing we must do to be able to use it is to select the paint button, open and Select an image simple. Then, we must make sure that the drawing has a dark colored outline to avoid future problems when making the changes.

Paint options menu

After that, we proceed to open the Paint button again, although this time we will select the option to save as and then other formats. And when there will be the new interface, we select the type «monochrome», we accept pop-up tabs and save.

It depends on the image we will observe the silhouette, which could vary in its quality after the applied configuration. But thanks to this almost anonymity option, some activities that need to be traced images, maps, logos or other things will already be easy for the user.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. That other functions Do you know what the Paint program offers? Have you been able to trace a drawing or take the silhouette of an image in Paint? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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