How to Track and Track an AliExpress Order or Package

Nowadays it is common for people when buying or placing an order for a merchandise or product to enter the internet in order to obtain it.

Many people consider Online shopping for people who have common sense, as well as confidence and knowledge. Online shopping has several advantages, because you can buy from home, comfortably, and the most interesting thing is that you can do it anywhere internet store of the world from your computer. But to do this you must know how to buy on AliExpress safely.

Your purchase can be done in a way quick and easyWell, when looking for the item or product you want, you select it and at once formalize your purchase without the need for intermediaries.

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Even when consulting you can find numerous offers and you can visit different stores with different prices, you can even find products that in the place where you live you are not available. When making your purchases on the internet you must be clear that you as a consumer have rights such as: returns, information, claims.

Read your purchase options, returns, guarantees, shipping costs and the delivery times of your product or merchandise. I advise you that at the time of making your purchases you make them in well-known, reliable sites that provide their attention and customer support either by phone or online. You can also sell products online in the AliExpress store

At an international level, we find many companies that offer you this type of product or merchandise service; they are: Amazon,, Alibaba, eBay, Rakuten, Zalando, OTTO, Flipkart, B2W, Zappos, AliExpress.

There are many well-known websites to track shipments and deliveries nationally and internationally to ensure that you have your purchase in your hands, among them are: Parcelsapp, 17track, Trackitonline, AfterShip, Deliveries.

What is AliExpress?

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AliExpress was founded on 2010 like a online store, owned by the Alibaba group, made up of small companies in China that propose their products to international companies. AliExpress belongs to the Alibaba Group, created by Jack Ma.

AliExpress was originally a means of electronic commerce, which allowed the buy and sell directly from business to business but did not offer its products to consumers individually.

However, over time it has distinguished itself as a company that allows different sellers to offer their products, merchandise, items from consumer to consumer through Internet, promoting competition among sellers by offering prices at their convenience in order to attract more buyers.

AliExpress allows you to not only offer wholesale products but also in small quantities or by unit, thus achieving that many buyers who previously could not access these products can now do so.

However, many buyers at the time of shopping have doubts regarding whether the product will arrive in the established time, the customs payment among others but AliExpress It has proven to be a committed and responsible company with its shipments. As if that were not enough, it gives you the possibility of using and buying with AliExpress free discount coupons.

In addition, on your mobile phone you can download the ParcelsApp application which will allow you to know where your orders are placed in AliExpress.

How can you track and track an AliExpress order or package?

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If you want to make a track your order made to AliExpress with the order number granted by the company below, I will show you the following steps:

Step 1

«Enter» in your computer the link or official site of AliExpress immediately double click and «enter» it. When I find the merchandise or product that I want to buy, I look for the option «go to my orders», then choose what you need, place the order and click on the tab «Details».

Step 2

Now you will see the details of the order you made, then «search» for the tracking number, «copy it» and in the form that you see paste the tracking number, and then click on the tab «Track package».

Step 3

Over time AliExpress takes care of tracking your order and informs you where your package is and in what state it is. «Download» the application that best suits your equipment or mobile device, and track your order reliably.

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