How to Track My Order with Glovo? – Glovo Food Delivery

Customers generally require details about the orders they place from shipping companies like «Glovo.» This information provides greater security and confidence to make a future request. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn How to track my order with Glovo? – Glovo food delivery

What is order tracking?

Tracking an order refers to the Order Status carried out by a client from the moment the request is made until the delivery of said order occurs.

What is the purpose of tracking an order?

Tracking an order serves to get information in real time on the progress of a delivery in order to know the status of a service.

Features of tracking an order

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Generally, tracking an order comprises several statuses to notify the customer in a timely manner from the moment the order is placed through the «in progress» message. Then the progress of the order is changed to «Pending» and, finally, the customer receives his order with the status «completed» or «completed».

Glovo delivery man

How to track my order with Glovo? – Glovo food delivery

Before tracking your order with Glovo, it is necessary that you have correctly carried out the steps that we mention below:

Download and install the Glovo App

First of all, you need to know what the Glovo App is. Later, download the Glovo App if you are going to place your order from your cell phone. For the Android system, locate the application in the Play Store and for an iPhone or iPad you can use the App Store of the Apple company.

The next step is to create a profile account. To do this, you can take advantage of your Google or Facebook account to speed up this action. However, you can choose to create an account from scratch.

Use the App

Once you have created the account, you need to enter a shipping address. If you have the GPS activated On your cell phone, the system can use your current location or you can enter another address.

Choose content through a list of categories (pharmacies, restaurants, gift companies, among others). The interface provides bubbles with shipping options where you must indicate the address and specify the package. Press the «+» button to add the orders to a virtual basket. If the Glovo App doesn’t work, make sure to clear your device’s cache or log back into the App.

Using mobile

Indicate the last details of the order

If you select the virtual basket You will see a summary with all the elements and the final price of your order. You can add details for the courier or «Glover» and specify the delivery time.

In addition, you can include a phone number so that the Glover contact you with any questions. Finally, you enter the card details (debit or credit) for the payment and confirm the process. If there is a problem, you can cancel the Glovo order from the App or PC without any inconvenience.

The monitoring system

Glovo company manages an efficient order tracking tool that their clients manage. The tracking system works with the geolocation resource to inform customers about the status of their orders.

The order tracking allows you to see in real time who the courier is or «Glover”Who will deliver the order, where it is at the moment you do the follow-up and the route that the Glover is going to follow.

How do I track my order?

To use this option, go to the «Orders» section. There, select the «Tracking» option. Immediately, you will visualize a map which includes the icon of a bicycle that refers to the point where the Glover is from the moment the company received your order.

The tracking of your order includes on the map an origin where the courier departs, the time it takes to obtain the product from the company you have selected, the route or route that the Glover has chosen and the time remaining until it reaches the destination address.

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