How to Transfer Files from Disk C to D in Windows Quickly and Easily

As we begin to use a personal computer we think that the space in the units is sufficient. But with the passage of time we do not fill with programs and files, running out of space especially in drive C. This does not generate a very serious storage problem and we have a question. how to move files from disk C to disk D in Windows easily and quickly.

This can be a viable solution, since we have other units where we have enough space to save files. Since when drive C has filled up, the first options add unallocated space. But this will only work if you really have unallocated space otherwise you will have to transfer files to drive D.

Windows offers us different options that we may or may not use and one of them is to move files that are linked to the operating system. Since these must be together, but if you can move files of the type third-party programs. These can be Facebook, installed games, Photoshop, etc. files of videos, movies, photos, images, documents, etc.

How to transfer files from disk C to disk D in Windows easily and quickly

As we said before, Windows allows us to perform various operations, but we must be very careful, since we can seriously compromise its operation. Backups must be made before performing these processes. Although we can also easily format a hard drive using the command prompt.

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The steps that we will indicate here work perfectly for the versions of Windows 7, 8 and 10. And we will use three different methods to transfer files from disk C to D in Windows in an easy and fast way that will work according to your case. They will also serve you, not only to pass it drive C to D, you can do it to an external hard drive.

Three methods to move files from disk C to D in Windows

The first method we are going to use is to move the files by dragging it to the other drive and then dropping them. To do this, open the browser Windows and find the file you want to move, then you select it and you must right click and in the menu you choose the option to cut or copy. Now the next step is to go directly to drive D and paste the file.

This first method is recommended for document or multimedia files, you should not pass the program file in this way.

The second method that we are going to apply is through a program called AOMEI Backupper Standard. Once you have downloaded and installed it on your PC, you run it and you must click on the Backup option and then on File Synchronization.

The next step is to click on the Add folder option, with this you will find the file you want to move from drive C, and then choose drive D as the destination path, the next step is to click on Start sync. And voila, the file will have been transferred to the other unit without any problem.

Now we will know the third and last method that consists of using the Command Prompt, for this we are going to use the keyboard shortcuts. We are going to press the Windows + R keys, this action will open the Run bar. Here we must enter the following cmd command and then press the Enter key, now type the command copyc: workfile.tex d:

This will copy in the root directory of drive C to the From the file workfile.txt and voila, this action should transfer the file to drive D. You may notice that this procedure is not very simple, if it is about programs it is preferable use AOMEI Backupper tool and if it is personal files, the best option is to copy and paste.

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And so in this way we have reached the end of this interesting tutorial, which once again showed you how easy it is to make changes in Windows. And now you have new knowledge about how to move files from disk C to disk D in Windows easily and quickly.

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