How to Transfer, Migrate or Import WhatsApp Chats and Groups to Telegram

The humans we are the most successful natural species on earth. We are beings who have had an incredible technological advance, and all our daily aspects are intertwined. These aspects are driven by the digital aspect of our technologies, and it is the reason why humans live in their most advanced, and intercommunicating, age.

This advance in science and technology would only be able to be realized thanks to the ability to speak that the human has, as this serves to pass ideas and important data from one individual to another. Today, it seems that warning a person that there are dangerous sections of the road seems normal, and of every day, however, thousands of years ago, this separated humans from life and death.

So if the communication capacity exists, then we have to create systems which facilitate its transmissionWell, a well-communicated society is a successful society. Humans over the years began to create new technologies that were aimed solely and exclusively to improve communication.

When humans created the most common communication systems today, which are telephones, they made sure that these had infinite uses, which may vary in importance to the user. One of the most important uses are applications, which can be very varied and can be instant messaging.

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What is an instant messaging app

These are apps which are governed by a simple premise, which is to facilitate communication between users of this. Messaging applications have many ways of presenting themselves, and the most common is through text messages.

Text messaging apps rule the mobile app market, as the most downloaded applications are always WhatsApp and Telegram, which are leaders in the field of encryption, sending and saving information. This shows great value, since the main advantage offered by these programs is data encryption, so that only users in the conversation are able to access the information.

What is Telegram

Telegram is the best application of messaging that exists today. This is because the main goal of Telegram is to protect the privacy of its users, so its encryption systems have not been hacked, and even the developers themselves offer a reward for anyone who manages to do this feat. Obviously, there has been no soul capable of such an action. If you want to use it, you can check how to create a Telegram account.

Another of the main advantages that telegram has is its availability through platforms. Today, you can use Telegram from its official website and if you do not want to access it from your browser, you can even download Telegram for free on PC.

Telegram you offers the best options in the chat, for example, the reproduction of audio files, which allows Telegram to be used as a music distribution platform. It is such a versatile application that it even allows you to open a Telegram account without a phone number.

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How to transfer, migrate or import WhatsApp chats and groups to Telegram

This is a question asked by hundreds of thousands of users who daily stop using WhatsApp To be able to move to Telegram, this is due to the clear benefits that Telegram offers over its counterpart. Thanks to this, the Telegram user base grows more every day.

When people switch messaging apps a very important problem arises, which is the information that is left in the chats. This can have two destinations, which could be eliminated from the face of the earth, or you can pass your chats from WhatsApp to Telegram.

This is an extremely easy task, for which you need first open your WhatsApp. Once there, it must select the chat to migrate. In the upper left corner, you can see a button that has three dots stacked one on top of the other. You must select this, and it will display several options, among which is “Export Chat”. Once you press it, it will show you the applications that can receive the information and clearly, among these will be Telegram, as long as it is already installed on the phone.

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