How to Transfer Music from my PC to an iPhone with or without iTunes Quick and Easy

One of the uses that we most often give to our mobile phones, when we are not sharing on social networks or messaging platforms, it is to listen to music. And to do it on our Apple iPhone, we can have many ways and one of them is transfer music from my PC to an iPhone with and without using iTunes fast and easy.

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In this tutorial we are going to show you the traditional way of transferring music using the iTunes tool. But for those users who do not like to use this multimedia content manager. We are also going to show you how to perform this procedure without having to use it, you will see that it is very simple and fast to do.

Although using iTunes is truly the best there is to transfer music from your PC to iPhone and also the most recommended. We have a very simple way for the detractors of this program to do it. Thanks to this article you will know it and you will see that it is so easy to create tones from iTunes for your iPhone mobile.

How to transfer music from my PC to an iPhone with and if iTunes

To start this tutorial we are going to explain what you should do; we are going to use an application called PhoneTrans It is very easy to use, free and it will also allow you to pass other types of data. To use it we go to our Mac computer and click on the Music option.

The next step is to search for the plus icon (+) and we click on it, a library will open and in it we will find and choose the song that we want to transfer to our iPhone. After this we go to the Open option and click. And we only have to wait for the transfer to take place, as it is a very simple procedure to do.

It is really highly recommended, but its weak point is that if you are one of those people who like order and that the songs are saved in the corresponding artist, it will not do it. All the songs you pass will be saved in an artist Unknown album. But the rest is one of the best alternatives that you can use without resorting to iTunes.

Another option that you can perfectly use to download music without using iTunes is using Apple Music. It is a service that Apple offers you to download music from the cloud, but unfortunately it is not free, but it is not a very high payment that you must make annually.

Once you hire the service, you will be able to download any song that is available and it should only be synchronized with the iCloud library. The process is very simple, if the song is in the iCloud library, just click on the three-dot icon next to the song and then click on the cloud icon that has an arrow.

If, on the other hand, you do not have the song in the library, instead of finding an icon in the shape of a cloud, you will find the one with the (+) sign. We press it to add the song and now we can see the cloud icon which we will press to download.

How to transfer music from my PC to an iPhone with iTunes

Despite its detractors, using iTunes is very simple and to transfer music from PC to iPhone you just have to follow these quick steps. The first thing you should do is through the Lightning cable connect your iPhone to PC. Now on the computer you must open the iTunes application, it must be updated to its latest version.

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The next step is to search for the songs that you want to go to mobile and select it, the next thing is to look for your device that is shown in the left sidebar. Now you must drag the content to the iPhone device, remember that you only have to do it from a single library and that’s it now you know how to transfer music from my PC to an iPhone with and without using iTunes fast and easy

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