How to Transfer My Photos from iPhone, iPad, iPod to PC with or without iTunes?

One of the peculiarities of our cell phones, is the ability to capture moments like a professional, through the camera they own. These cameras not only capture those moments in photographs, but also have the ability to do it through videos.

Once these photographs are taken from our cell phones, we need an extra space to store it, since they can take up a lot of space within our devices.

Our computers or an external hard drive are elements that we use quite often to store them without any problems.

However, when devices iPhone, iPad, iPod it is, the procedures for transferring said photographs are different. Today we will give you the exact keys with which you can transfer the photos from your iPhone device to your computer.

Transferring Photos from Windows Computer to iPhone

To begin, you should know that the different versions of Windows, including those that are more recent, generally treat the device as if it were an external storage element. In this way, we must transfer the photos from the iPhone to our computer:

  • To begin, let’s connect our device to the computer, all this through the cable Lightning.
  • Once connected, you must proceed to open My PC and after that, search within the list of applications for the device, it will usually have the name “iPhone” or even “iPhone of (and your name) “.
  • When you access it, you should look for the folder DCIM in which, once you have opened, you will be able to see several more folders.
  • When you open each of these folders, you will see that it has your photos, all you have to do is open it and then copy and paste them all in the space of your PC where you most want.

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Using the Windows 10 Photos app

Windows 10, within your system has an application called Microsoft Photos. This application allows you to manage the storage of your photos and what you do with it within the device. This is a similar operation to what the MacOS photos application does.

For this next step, follow these instructions:

  • To begin, you must make sure you have the latest version of the iTunes application on your PC.
  • You must also connect the iPhone to your PC and after that, grant it all the necessary permissions to be able to transfer the photos.
  • Once you have granted the permissions, proceed to open the Photos program in Microsoft and then, just in the upper right corner, proceed to press the import button.
  • Here you can choose all the photos you want, and after that, click on the button “continue”And with that all possible photos will have been copied.

Pass photos using the cloud

It does not matter much in which computer you are, however, there is a very important point and it is the fact that you can access your photo libraryIf the photos you want are stored in a cloud. You can make use of this system in the following way:

Access your photos from the iCloud page within the cloud of Manzana. For this, you will only have to enter your credentials and enter your credentials. After that, enter the Photos application. There you can start downloading all your photos in the folder you want within your PC.

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From a Mac with the Photos application

Although all the previous methods are not complicated and are quite common, we also want to remind you of this super method, which is the most comfortable option to use. Photos and the simplest way to share them:

  • As with the previous steps, connect your iPhone to the Mac
  • Once connected, you just have to open the Photos folder and go to your device.
  • Once there, all you have to do is select all the photos you want to copy to your Mac and then press the Import button.

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