How to Transfer or Export Contacts from my Gmail Account to my Outlook Account – Synchronize Contacts

When you need the contacts you have in your Gmail mail to also be in Outlook, you must export contacts from Gmail to Outlook, that is, you have to perform a contact synchronization; but how is this done?

Outlook is Microsoft’s owned email, This name replaced what we previously called Hotmail, so if you are an Outlook user, it is necessary to have the contacts that are registered in Gmail for when you need to send a message to someone and we have their address already saved

In order to transfer a contact list from one email to another, it is necessary to carry out an export process in one email and import them in the other, however, you must have previously created a mailing list in Gmail, having previously added several contacts.

How do I export contacts from Gmail?

The first thing you should do to move your contacts from one place to another is to log into your Gmail account, once inside you select the utilities panel, which is the dotted box that appears in the upper right hand side next to your initials in the email.

When the options are displayed, you open the contacts tab, where you can see in the middle of the screen all the contacts that you have added to your list, in the same way, on the left side of the screen you will see an options panel, where you will find and select the Export option.

In this point you will get a pop-up box, where you must check the CSV option in Outlook and confirm the operation by clicking on Export, this is done to create a .csv file where all the email addresses are saved.

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Keep in mind that you must remember exactly where this new file was downloaded, since it will be used at the time of import the contacts to your Outlook email.

Import contacts to Outlook

When you have already downloaded the file with the contacts, you must proceed to open a session in Outlook, once in this, on the left side of the screen there is an options bar where you have to search Open and export, this will will lead to a box with 4 options, from which you will select Import or Export.

When you choose this option, a box will open to import a file, at this time you must open the Import option from another program or file, later two options appear, and your choice should be Comma Separated Values.

Once you have selected the previous option, in the box that appears you must click Browse to start looking for the file that you have previously downloaded, at this time you must also choose an option to import, it is recommended to select ‘Do not import duplicates’.

Anyway, if at the moment you obvious this part and then duplicate contacts are created, there is a way to eliminate or combine this type of contacts. Finally, select the contact folder that will be the destination of the contacts that are imported into Outlook mail.

Import error, use Excel

When the list of contacts that you try to upload or import to Outlook is greater than 200, the platform does not allow it to be uploaded and it will automatically throw an error, to solve it you must help yourself with the Excel program, for this you open the CSV file in Excel.

export gmail contacts to outlook account sync contacts

Once the program has been opened and the data we want appears, that is, the contacts, the Excel file must be saved in CSV format, for these you press ‘Save’, followed by ‘Save as’ and then you put the name of the file you want but make sure that in Type, you choose the CSV option.

Now, the Browse process is repeated, looking for the new CSV file created moments before, it is given next and you confirm the Contacts folder, you click next and you finish the process of importing contacts to your Outlook account.

Finally, to view all the contacts that you have transferred from the Gmail account to the Outllok account, open the contacts part and check in detail that all the contacts that were previously created in the other account have been successfully added to the one that belongs to Microsoft.

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