How to Transfer or Move my WhatsApp App to an SD Card without Root step by step

When we think of use our mobiles in a fast way and immediate, we imagine all the possibilities to make this possible, and the mobile phone has become over the years a great ally for many people, allowing a diverse and direct social interaction.

We spend day after day in front of a mobile phone, be it in the work, social aspect, or simply to have a distracting, creative time and of course with the greatest possible entertainment, especially in recent days due to the global quarantine that we live due to. to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we need rcarry out any type of activities, and social networks like WhatsApp are part of it.

The advances in mobile operating systems have been innovative, allowing great speed when using them for any work, which generates many more desire to use them properly at the height above all.

But do we really know what this issue of operating systems is about? If that is not the case, here we will know later.

What is a root user?

It should be noted that having the advantage of being a root user allows us to more easilyaccess all operating system commands that we are using. In other words, it is a training mode to customize the operating system in some way.

move whatsapp app to sd card

One of the reasons people use this type of feature is to be able to eliminate those applications that come from the factory with the mobile, and that at sight cannot be erased, it is also used to improve the backup of our information.

To be clearer when customizing operating systems, we are referring to the “ Xposed modules ” that go hand in hand with it, these allow add new functions to the system and it also affects him in some way.

How to transfer or move my WhatsApp App to an SD card without Root step by step

It is a very frequent question by users, and is that actually performing this function is very simple, since we can do it either with root or without it, in this case to be able to do it without it, the steps with clear, prices and short.

First is, enter ” file manager ” On our mobile, then locate the ” WhatsApp ” folder and hold it down for a few seconds, then in the lower right part of our screen the option that indicates ” more ” will be displayed, we click there.

android phone with root

Then we will get the option to ” move to ” and of course we will select the option of ” SD card ”, Finally we press on ” accept ” and voila we will have all our app files already moved, it’s that easy, so do it!

Why root our mobile? Advantages and disadvantages

Many people decide to do this action without really knowing what it is about and not knowing their weaknesses and strengths after doing so, we can root any mobile or tablet, that is why it is good to cKnow what we are going to use.

There is no doubt that by doing so we are improving the performance of our mobile, and somehow optimize it, and also optimize some applications, this tool generates a higher yielding quality also of the mobile load, so it is ideal if we think about it, we can also give root access with root genius.

But it also has its disadvantages and that is that when rooting our mobile, it is possible or more than certain that lose some files or applications that are in it since its creation, and we do not know if at some point they could be of use to us.

And in the same way, the warranty of the mobile is completely lost, since it is not in its factory version, so would generate a loss for us tooFinally, it should be noted that the marketing of mobile phones is advancing rapidly, emerging better technological options that we can obtain if we wish.

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