How to Transfer or Transfer my Coins or FIFA Points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 and FIFA 21

Normally when we finish a FIFA edition, or a newer one comes out on the market, we ask ourselves what is going to spend with the thousands of coins or FIFA coins that we have been accumulating over time.

For this reason we wonder how to do not lose them, and having to start the new installment from scratch, EA, the creator of the game gives us a limited chance, to be able to transfer our FIFA Points to the new game, but it does not allow us to transfer the coins.

Whether you are an expert player on the subject, or someone who just acquired FIFA a few years ago, and you want to save your coins, we will show you some options that you should consider.

Can FIFA 19, 20 coins be transferred to each other?

The short answer to this question is that no, you cannot transfer your coins between versions of the game legally, or at least for the older version (FIFA 19), since this one had a limited time, in which you had to start session in FIFA 20, and follow the steps in the application to transfer your Points, this was Until december 31 of 2019.

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In addition, at those times there were certain limitations, one of them was that you could only transfer your points from FIFA 19 to FIFA 20 on the same console, meaning that the points from FIFA 19 could not be transferred from Xbox One to a Play 4, or vice versa.

Another condition was that the transfer is not reversible, once your points were deposited in FIFA 20 there would be no way to return them, exceeding all these conditions we would have in our account the FIFA points, with which we can open packs, to get players and all kinds of advantages.

Is it possible to transfer coins from FIFA 20 to FIFA 21?

FIFA 21 made its debut on October 5, 2020, a game highly anticipated by fans of the saga, who year after year await the new installment, as in previous versions, at the end of FIFA 20 with thousands or millions of coins And with our elite team, we wonder if we will have to start from scratch.

As in previous versions, it was only legally possible to pass our FIFA Points, to buy envelopes of FIFA Ultimate TeamHowever, there is an alternative to be able to save some of our coins, and start FIFA 21 with some advantage, much better than starting from scratch.

There is a website called FutGoles, which you can access by doing a quick search in your web browser, which is used to place bets, deposits, withdrawals, open packs and play games. JACKPOT, all this with your FIFA account, be any of the three versions mentioned here.

What is the procedure to transfer my coins through FutGoles?

Futgoles is a website where you can multiply your coins, playing roulette, betting them, and it also allows you to deposit them, or have them deposited, the latter is what we are going to take advantage of to save our FIFA 19 or FIFA 20 coins and pass them to the last installment.

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First of all you must register on the page, in the upper right corner of the screen you will enter the button that says “REGISTER”, you enter and fill in the data they ask for, including your name, email and you must enter a password, which you will do is that you must deposit all your coins that you have in your FIFA 19 on the page, to be able to transfer them to your FIFA 20 account.

This is a simple process to do and we recommend that you do not use your main account, but create a secondary one for security, since this is an alternative process to Electronic Arts, you can deposit all the coins you want.

But you should keep in mind that from one game to another only 25% of the total is transferred Since the coins of installment 19 are worth less than 20, just as the coins of 20 installment are worth less than those of 21.

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