How to Transfer or Transfer my Data and Contacts from my Android Mobile to iPhone

Most of us are familiar with the iPhone, and that is why at least once in our lives we have wanted to own one. Maybe it’s your exclusivity and its popularity what draws us so much towards these devices. Although its price is high, we must not deny that it is worth investing in one.

All phone companies have multiple devices that are undoubtedly very useful for users. But Apple has made sure that iPhone has unique features and functions among all mobile devices.

That is why it has become so desired by most of the people. However, having an Apple operating system, that is unique and impossible to change, it can be a bit tedious and complicated to find a quick and easy way to transfer data from a foreign device to an iPhone.

In this article we will show you the simplest and fastest way to pass or transfer data and contacts that you have on a device with Android operating system to an iPhone device in a fast, easy and safe way. Continue with us.

transfer data from android to ios

Why should I switch from Android to iPhone?

Both are good operating systems, however they are a bit different, they have advantages and they have disadvantages. The best thing to do is to investigate the device you want to purchase and compare the functions, looking for the ones that more suit your needs.

Advantages of having an iPhone

It is no secret to anyone that iPhone over the years has made sure that its devices can perform any function, do almost anything. IPhones are practically an extension of their users. They have become such a practical and useful tool that is what has led this device to be the favorite of many.

One of the most notable features of the iPhone is undoubtedly its elegant design and presentationWe know that this is not the most important thing about a mobile, however, we cannot deny that its devices are one of the most attractive in the entire market.

Other of the most obvious advantages of iPhone it’s your camera, which manages to capture images without any saturation, in addition to the fact that the result is one of the most realistic compared to other cameras. This device has truly useful applications for its users, some exclusive to the iOS operating system.

Its system updates are guaranteed by Apple, which is very rewarding for the user to know that their mobile device you will have the security system always updated. The iPhone, unlike other mobile devices, has a greater durability in terms of its useful life.

It is important to emphasize that the iPhone value at resale, It is not as affected as it happens with the rest of the mobile devices of other brands when they are sold after having been used.

How to transfer or transfer my data and contacts from my Android mobile to iPhone?

It is certainly possible to carry out the transferring data and contacts from an Android mobile to an iPhone. There are several ways you can do this. Next we will tell you the most common and effective ones.

We can use tools such as certain mobile applications. One of them offers an effective and simple way to transfer existing contacts on an Android to an iPhone, we talk about the Move to iOS app.

For this it is necessary that we install this application on both devices. Then run it from the Android mobile and follow the steps indicated to transfer all the data and contacts you want to your iPhone. One piece of information is that the Android mobile must have version 4.0 for the oldest, prior to those They are not compatible with Move to iOS.

move to ios application

You must also be connected to a WiFi network if you want the procedure to be done correctly. Another way to transfer data and contacts from an Android mobile to an iPhone is backing previously In your Google account, all the data that you want to transfer to the iPhone, images, audios, videos, contacts, notes, among others.

Once you open your Google username on iPhone, you will be able to export and download everything that you had backed up on the old Android mobile. Either option is viable and effective, although both need an internet connection.

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