How to Troubleshoot Network Connection Problems on my Windows PC? (Example)

Windows in its different versions is an operating system that sometimes shows errors without saying what causes it and its solution. This creates confusion for users by not having the answer to how to solve this problem. The same thing happens with network connections, that’s why know how to solve network connection problems on your pc Windows.

Network problems in Windows have the characteristic of being caused by various causes. This generates that different solutions need to be applied to solve the problem. However, the methods are not complex, regularly are generated by actions that change the configuration and they must go back to the previous one to work properly.

Simple steps to fix network connection problems on your Windows pc

Sometimes it is as easy as enabling or configuring Windows Dynamic Lock.

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These simple methods pose common and uncomplicated mistakes to solve. Many times they happen when pressing a key combination, changing a setting or other item caused by a fault.

Sometimes it is necessary to apply a WiFi speed test to determine if it is the same connection that is failing.

Check WiFi option and airplane mode

In the taskbar at the bottom of the Windows interface you will see an icon that refers to waves. When selecting said icon, a menu will be displayed, in which the options «Wifi» and «Airplane mode».

The option «Wifi”Must be activated if the connection is wireless and the option «Airplane mode”Should be disabled.

Restart the Router

In some cases the router by connection of several elements, presents a problem and can generate an error in the computer. To solve this you just have to go to the router and restart it, either by disconnecting it from the power or by pressing the rear on / off button if you have it.

troubleshoot internet connection

Run troubleshooting

Although in many cases it is completely ineffective, it is worth using this operating system tool. To use the troubleshooting wizard, you must enter the Control Panel through the toolbar. «Windows Programs and Applications Finder».

Then look for the option «Problem solving» and after entering it locate «Network and Internet». All you have to do is select «Internet connections» and follow the steps indicated there to solve network connection problems on your Windows PC.

Advanced steps to fix network connection problems on your Windows pc

If the previous steps did not resolve the error of computer connection these more complex methods must be applied and the problem solved.

If this is the case, it is best to try, only if it is already a desperate measure, format the PC and install Windows 10 from scratch.

Network drivers

Sometimes the Windows operating system It installs automatic updates of the drivers, which may generate a compatibility problem, because the correct one is not always chosen or an error was generated in the process.

To resolve this, the network device driver must be uninstalled and installed again. You must enter in «Control Panel» and choose the option «Device administrator». In the window that was generated after selecting the previous option, you should find the item «Network adapters» and expand it by clicking on it.

The next thing will be to find the network device of the computer and select with the right click, to later choose «Uninstall device».

To finish this method, what you must do after the system uninstalls the device is to select the option «Look for hardware changes «. This will cause the system to search for the driver again and install it.

use device manager

Uncheck IPv6 Protocol

You must enter the Control Panel and then select the section «Network and Internet”. Following this, you should look for the option «Center network and sharing”. Already in this menu you must enter «Change adapter settings«, Select with right click the adapter that is being used and press»Properties”.

In the properties window you must select the option «Internet Protocol IPv6», test the network connection and verify if the network connection problems could be solved on your Windows pc.

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