How to Turn an iPhone On and Off without Touching the Screen the Right Way? – Very easy

Surely you have heard about the Apple company, a leader in the digital technology industry. It includes the manufacture of quality electronic equipment such as laptops, tablets, mobile devices and many others.

The device Mobile iPhone It is the cell phone prototype launched by the Apple company. It is a team that brings together a series of unique characteristics in terms of its design and configuration of the operating software. It offers very innovative functions that make it one of the most desired smartphones by the public.

How to turn an iPhone on and off without touching the screen correctly?

Because iPhone is not just another piece of equipment, its own design and way of operating differs from common equipment. Being one of the most important characteristics, its design of a touch center located in the lower central part that establishes commands, such as entering the application panel or menu.

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If you have just obtained an iPhone device, you may find yourself with some aspects of operation that you do not know and you may not know how to do things like update the software, update the location for the weather, where the downloads are saved, etc. Among them is the form of turn an iPhone on or off, and there are different ways to perform this action.

Normally, to turn on or turn off a mobile device you have to access to a button located in a specific part of the device; Commonly at the top right or left or in the options panel in the application menu, this action is different on an iPhone.

How to turn on or off an iPhone mobile device?

To turn on your mobile device without even touching its screen, you only need press and hold for at least five seconds the button located on the upper left side. Then you will find the Apple company logo (a bitten apple) this indicates that you have indeed activated the option to turn on the computer.

For turn off the computer two actions are required together. You should press again the side button for a few seconds and simultaneously you must click on the Volume button (located just in the upper right side). You can do it with the button to increase or decrease the volume.

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You will find an icon that will ask you if you really want to turn off the equipment. If for some reason it is not possible for you to press on the screen to respond positively to the action, you can simply keep pressing on the buttons until the equipment turns off.

It is important to mention that not all iPhone computers turn on or off in the same way, there are a few different steps for those that are a bit older.

How to turn on or off second generation iPhone equipment (iPhone 6, 7,8) and first generation (iPhone 5,4)

In the case of having an iPhone of second generation(6.7 or 8) or first generation (5, 4) the steps to turn the equipment off or on are very similar, but with some differences. To do this, you must do the following:

To turn on or off second generation iPhone devices only requires press the left side button continuously for a few seconds. Below you will find a slider icon with the option “turn off”. In case you want to turn it on, just press the button until the Apple icon appears

cell phone iphone wood apple arrow blur background

Things you should know about your iPhone device

iPhone comprises a whole global network of teams, so it has arranged a wireless network that allows you to connect to your device and access the internet and various online platforms much faster.

You can establish a conversation through text or multimedia messaging using and activating the iMessage, this is a type of exclusive messaging for iPhone users, it is quite fluid and easy to handle, and it also has no cost.

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Through the iOS download platform you have access to a world of applications with your device. You can access them with peace of mind, since you make sure that all products / services and applications offered are legal and virus-free.
iPhone is a multifunctional team, therefore it has an infinite number of options available on the device.

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