How to turn my Android into a Smart Home with Alexa step by step? (Example)

The future is now, turn Android into a Smart Home with Alexa It is a reality at your fingertips. Amazon is right now one of the pioneers for the smart home setup that so many have long waited for.

If it is possible to turn an Android into a night vision camera and even use an android cell phone as a microscope, this is a piece of cake by comparison.

With a series of interconnected computers in your home, the digital age is more present than ever. And how could it be otherwise, the logical thing is that your smartphone is the nerve center of your smart home. What are you waiting for? Here you can find everything you need to know to take your first steps in this topic.

Smart home

What does this concept refer to? Very simple, it is about your home reacting to you and your needs, that molds to you. Furthermore, it means taking advantage of the advantages that the modern world and its telecommunication technology have to offer.

With a Smart Home, you can configure the operation of all the elements that are in your house to your liking. You could calibrate the intensity of the light based on the time of day or the temperature of the thermostat. Even the news that you want to be shown at a certain time and when the coffee should be prepared.

The possibilities are endless and even more so in terms of automation. Not only do you adapt your environment to your preferences, but they will act autonomously according to a signal or a moment. In other words, it is about applying the possibilities of a smartphone to each device in your home. This is precisely what will allow you to turn Android into a Smart Home, as you will see later

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The Smart Home Drama Today

The benefits mentioned are simply unquestionable, but there are also some disadvantages to consider. The most serious of all refers to the multiplicity of providers that can fulfill this function.

In other words, if each element of your home can and is provided by different manufacturers, making everything coordinated is extremely complicated. Even more so when there is competition and several companies offer similar items with benefits and different software from each other.

Here is the most difficult problem to solve, but it is precisely where Amazon launched a proposal that will allow you to turn Android into a Smart Home.


Already at the forefront of online sales and the advancements of the telecommunications world, Amazon could not be left behind on an issue like this. In fact, with your virtual assistant “Alexa”, I know stands out as one of the references of the moment.

In this particular, Alexa incorporates a function according to which it can assimilate and adapt the own software of each intelligent equipment for its configuration. In other words, Alexa is the neuralgic network that allows so many different operating systems to be reconciled at the same point.

How to turn Android into a Smart Home

Nothing simpler, with the help of Alexa this will be very simple and it will not take you too long. To do this, you just have to follow these 3 steps.

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Step One: Install Alexa

You must access the Play Store from your device with the latest version of Android and download this application. You can also do it from the Amazon page. Once installed, all that remains is to enter through your Amazon account.

Step two: Connect the device

At this point you should carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions. In general terms, it implies that plug the new equipment into an electrical outlet and add it to the network. In the same way, it can indicate some additional actions or even install special applications for its management.

Step Three: Integrate with Alexa

Now, with Alexa installed on your mobile phone and the connected device, you can turn Android into a Smart Home. What you should do is enter Alexa and add device, following the instructions given for it. In this same sense, among the “Skill” what you should do is install the “App” respective to the company that makes the equipment you are incorporating.

Once this is done, you will be able to manage your new device along with the rest through Alexa, where you can create groups and routines. Everything from one point for your convenience.

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