How to Turn My Android into an iPhone XS iOS 13 Using Launcher – Very Easy

Today we have a large number of options when it comes to acquiring a cell phone. For example, we can choose between different aspects such as the brand, the model, the options it has, and even the smallest details that a cell phone will need to use it in our day to day life. If you want to configure the smartphone you already have, we will show you below how to turn your Android into an iPhone XS iOS 13 using Launcher.

If you want to vary a bit and make your Android smartphone look like an iPhone, no problem, as there are many apps that can help you to achieve it easily. To know how to use them correctly and have an iPhone XS Launcher iOS 13, keep reading and we will show you step by step what you must do to achieve it.

How to turn your Android into an iPhone?

Having a quality smartphone is more necessary than ever today; And it is understandable, since many of the tasks that we carry out in our day to day need an electronic device of this type. That is why, when choosing a phone, we have to consider many really important aspects.

Now, it may be that you already have an Android cell phone and you want an iPhone, but you do not have the necessary resources to acquire one. What can we do in these cases? Well, you will be surprised to know that there are a large number of apps that can help you turn your Android into an iPhone with just a few simple steps.

iphone in hand on gray background

In fact, you can even have iPhone-style notifications from Android without any problem. If this is your situation, in this article we show you the steps you must follow to make your Android look like an iPhone XS iOS 13 with a simple Launcher.

Steps to turn your Android into an iPhone XS iOS 13

To achieve this, first of all it is necessary that you have a Google account with which to use the Google Play Store on your Android. Also, choose the type of iPhone that you want to reflect on your cell phone; In this case we will show how to turn it into an iPhone XS iOS 13 and make your Android look like an iPhone. The steps to follow are:

  • Opens Google Play Store on your Android.
  • In the search engine, search for the iLauncher X – iOS 13 app.
  • Download the app and wait for it to install.
  • Open said app.
  • Select the wallpaper you want to use with it.
  • You can also select not to use the app’s wallpaper.
  • Then press the blue button at the bottom to get started.
  • Choose if you want the app personalize notifications.
  • Press the blue button again to start using the Launcher.
  • Change the permissions for the app in the Android settings, allowing it to make changes on the device.
  • Select the theme you want to use, and continue on the blue button.

iphone in hand with apps menu

Ready! Now you can start using your Android like a whole iPhone without any problem. Of course, once you have the Launcher in use, you can configure certain aspects such as the theme you want to use, the wallpaper, the size and location of the icons, among other details. As you will see, it is very easy to use this excellent app.

What other ways can I turn my Android into an iPhone?

If you have tried the steps we gave you previously and you are not convinced or you simply want to try something different, no problem, because there are several ways in which you can reach your goal. For example, there are several apps that allow us to have the iPhone camera on Android, something that undoubtedly makes the change more complete.

On the other hand, such as the iLauncher app, there are many other applications for change the default look of your smartphone Android. All you have to do is browse the Google Play Store and download the option that you like the most and suits you best.

We hope that this guide will be of use to you and that, whatever option you choose to customize your Android, we encourage you to choose only the best of the best and look for what best suits your tastes.

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