How to Turn My Roku Express On and Off Easily? (Example)

If you have just bought a Roku Express device, surely when installing it on your television you have faced this question, who has taken my power button? Do not worry, you are not the first in this situation, and it is that, although it seems simple, Turning the Roku Express off and on has its tricks.

The truth is that these devices are not designed for constant on and off, hence they do not have a direct option for this function. However, if you are an energy-saving enthusiast, whether your device overheats or for any other reason you want to turn off your Roku, here you will find the necessary answers.

Is it advisable to turn the Roku Express off and on?

The initial answer to this question is no, but why is this? Roku devices are designed for continuous operation, with virtually no interruptions. This feature means that you can access all its functions with almost zero waiting time, the Roku will be at your disposal at all times.

The counterpart of this fact is that if it turns off, you must wait a little longer to access its functions. Even if you use platforms like Netflix on it, you will have to enter your username and password every time you turn it off and on.

Besides this, you Roku has an automatic schedule that when having 30 minutes of inactivity puts the device in sleep state.

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For this reason most people prefer not to turn off and on Roku Express, as it can be tedious to log back in each time. However, if you go on vacation, want to move your device, or notice a dangerous variation in the electricity in your home, it is advisable to turn it off. That is why here you will learn everything you need to do it safely.

Disconnect AC power

Definitely the quickest way to turn the Roku Express off and on is to unplug its power supply. This option is drastic but efficient, just unplug the power cord from the wall or your device. With this your device will turn off and you can save it, move it to another television, or simply protect it from any fluctuation in voltage.

USB powered

Roku Express devices have the option to power them through your own TV if the TV has DC-compliant USB ports.

If this is the way to power your Roku then every time you turn off the TV, so will the device. If you want to turn off the device, but not your TV then unplug the USB cable that connects it to your Roku.

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However, while connecting the Roku directly to the TV can be more convenient and saves you space, it is not really recommended. This for a simple reason, every time the TV is turned off and on, the Roku will restart and it will take longer to access its functions.

Connection to a power strip or power strip

With the amount of electronic devices that are in the home, the use of power strips or power strip is increasingly common. If this is your case and you have the Roku connected to it then you do not need to disconnect it completely, it will be enough for you to press the power button.

Keep in mind that this will interrupt power not only to the Roku but to all devices connected to it. If you have a smart power strip or Smart power strip you will not have this problem. These power strips are very useful, since they turn off the device when they detect that it has been inactive for more than 30 minutes.

Lean on your assistant

Another fairly modern option to turn Roku Express off and on is to connect it to a Smartplug. By doing so, your Roku will be available to be controlled by Google Home or Alexa Amazon through you and your virtual assistant will be able to turn it off when you tell them to.

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