How to turn off the screen by pressing the power button in Windows 10

In the article that you will see below, you will learn how to turn off the screen by pressing the power button in Windows 10 in an extremely simple way. It can be configured not only to turn off the screen. If not also for other things.

Windows 10 gives us a lot of freedom to configure the system and our team so that it works in the way that is most comfortable for us when working with it.

finger pressing windows shutdown button

Generally when we want to turn off the screen of our screen. What we do is simply press on the off and on button of it.

But Windows has options for native configuration so you can configure your computer so that with the power button you can turn off the screen.

Turn off my computer screen with the power button

Not only that. We can also configure the button to suspend or hibernate the computer. In the case of laptops, we have the possibility that either connected to the current or running on battery the on / off button behaves differently.

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We are going to see all these options a little further down, then you will decide which of them all suits you, you can play with them until you find a combination that is comfortable for you in different situations, especially if you have a laptop.

Since with a laptop you can also configure the behavior of it when you lower the lid of it. So that you can modify everything as you want and leave it personalized to suit your needs.

Turn off the screen with the power button in Windows 10

  • In order to turn off the screen of our computer with the power button, what we must do is enter the “Control Panel“For this, click on”Beginning” and writes “Control Panel”.
  • Next, we are going to have to go to “Hardware and sound”.
  • After this we will have to select “Energy options”.
  • In the left side bar of the screen you will see an option that says “Choose the behavior of the on / off buttons”Click on it.
  • Here we find several options. We can configure not only the behavior of the on / off button but also when pressing on the suspend button and in case of having a laptop when closing the lid.
  • If you click on the drop-down menu, a few options will appear: Do nothing, suspend, hibernate, turn off and turn off the screen.
  • Here you must select the last one to be able to turn off your computer screen. In case you have a laptop you can configure it to do one thing or another depending on whether it is running on battery or connected to alternating current.
  • Once you finish configuring everything as you want, what you have to do is press the button “Save Changes”Located in the lower area of ​​this window.
  • After this, the start / stop and suspend buttons will start working as you previously configured.

As you can see, it is quite easy to configure everything and we have a few options that can be quite useful when making the modifications that we believe appropriate.

This way you can change the behavior of the power button on your computer to do what you want. In addition, to turn off the screen of your equipment clearly.

In case you still have any questions about how to turn off the screen by pressing the on / off button in Windows 10, remember that we have the comments section which you can find a little below and where you can leave us any kind of problem that you have so that we can help you solve it.

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