How To Turn On A Damaged Phone After Rooting It – Complete Guide

Today we will show you some solutions when the problem ‘My cell phone does not turn on, boot or give image after rooting it’ you wonder how to revive the phone? Here we show you some alternatives.

What are the risks of rooting my phone?

Rooting a phone is something that can provide many advantages, however it is an action that if not done properly will generate certain problems. When you root your computer you are running the risk that the plate is burned and the phone does not turn on again as there is also the option that the person who performs this work for you leaves disabled applications and functions that are essential for the optimal operation of the phone.

In most cases the Rooting process should not be harmful or cause problems, but there are circumstances in which problems may arise. Usually this occurs when inappropriate manners are resorted to or when a failure to perform process.

There are many ways to root your mobile, but it is best to use those that are proven and safe. One of these is to root the Android device with the KingoRoot Apk, which usually represents a safe way performing this procedure.

In any case, use KingoRoot or any other method, it is very important to keep certain things in mind before starting the whole Root process.

What you should know when doing Root on Android

Before performing any procedure on your cell phone, it is best to analyze the positive and negative effects that such action may have. Therefore, now we tell you what you should know before doing a root on your Android device.

cell phone does not turn on after root

You will lose the warranty: The first thing to keep in mind is that you will lose the warranty of your cell phone at the time of Root. Therefore, if a problem arises, the company is not responsible for solving it. Given this, we certainly do not recommend root on a mobile that still has the warranty in force.

It is recommended to make a backup: Before doing root, it is highly recommended to create a backup of all files. This way, if a problem arises, you will have all your files safe.

Have the battery fully charged: It is very important to have the mobile fully charged (or connected to electricity) at the time of root.

If possible, have a copy of the mobile firmware: The mobile firmware is essential for its proper functioning. In fact, without this software the mobile would be useless, even so, this varies from mobile to mobile, so it is recommended support it as much as possible.

Revive a cell phone or recover it when it does not turn on after doing Root

If your mobile died or does not work properly at the time of root, there are some options that can be tried and that are usually functional most of the time.

Enter safe mode

Using the safe mode of Android can be very useful if the mobile still starts (but with problems). In fact, it is the first thing you should try if a Root problem on the cell phone.

samsung mobile

Using this mode it is possible to make changes, in fact, if you manage to enter the best thing is to proceed to eliminate the Root to the Android mobile, something essential if you want to completely solve the problem caused by the installation of the Root.

Recovery mode

Recovery Mode is highly recommended when the mobile enters a state in which it cannot be used, being valid after a failed rooting. In fact, the Recovery Mode was created specifically thinking to solve problems related to the startup or operation of the mobile.

It should be noted that there is no complete assurance of recovering the mobile via recovery after root. Even so, it is one of the best measures you can use, as it is usually within everyone’s reach.

Therefore, if you have problems after rooting an Android mobile, try restoring the cell phone to factory settings with Recovery. There are great chances of solving the problem caused after performing the Root process on the mobile, since with this method you recover the initial state of the cell phone.

Why does the cell phone stay on the logo when turning on?

If your phone stays on the logo at the time you want to turn it on, the problem is due to two possible errors or failures. The phone turns on but stays on the logo because software needs updating or at the time of rooting the equipment plate was damaged.

Possible solutions for the phone to turn on

When a team has a fault, what they want to find is a solution to get out of the problem. For this reason, below we are going to provide you with some possible solutions so that the phone can turn on.

Hard reset

This is done when something in particular causes damage to the phone, an alternative to leave the equipment as new is set it as factory setting. For this, the Hard Reset is used to eliminate all the data and stored settings to try to turn on the equipment without problems.

Connect to PC via USB

In order to verify if the phone does not have any major damage, it is recommended to connect the equipment to a PC via USB port to try to turn it on and recover the information stored in it.

phone with screen off

ADB and Fastboot commands

These commands are used to try enter the team path since the phone is presenting errors, therefore if the operating system is not working, the best alternative to try to recover the equipment is through the ADB and Fastboot commands.

Smart Phone Flash Tool

This is a software that is used so that it is in charge of making a auto recovery and the equipment can turn on to correct any fault that it has.

Flash new ROM

In case your team does not want to react the only solution to give it a new life it is by installing a new ROM for that the method of Flashing ROM is used.

Recalibrate the screen

This is used when the screen does not want to give an image but we can see that the phone is working correctly. A screen calibration is done to ensure that the options are set correctly to produce a clear image.

How to remove the Root from my Android cell phone?

If you want to remove the root of an Android phone you can do it through two options. The first option is through an app that it’s called SuperSUAt the time of installing it, she will be in charge of eliminating the Root that is on the computer. A second method is through recovery mode of the device, it is a more manual and detailed procedure but very effective. The only thing that must be done to remove the Root through the recovery mode is to enter that mode of course to go to the part where it says “Wipes“And then select the option”Install”And restart the computer to start the uninstall process.

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