How to Turn Outlook Read Receipts On or Off (Example)

A large part of people have their trust in technology, either to attend to work, business, study and even personal matters. That is why many are used to using e-mails; but when sending it, they want to be certain of its arrival at the addressee. To avoid inconveniences, in this post we are going to explain how to turn off or turn on the read receipts from Outlook.

How to turn Outlook read receipts off or on

Advantages of using this option

Among the advantages that you can find when using this program read receipts from Outlook, is that you can get the recipient’s confirmation of having received the message. This means that the message was sent correctly; indicating that the message was read.

Basic Outlook settings

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Another advantage is that you can keep track of the messages sents. This tool can be useful for all your messages of great importance, as Outlook will ask the recipient to send the reply if they have received the reading.

Basic Outlook settings

Something important is that you decide if you want to receive a notification of only the messages that you send to certain people, or to all in general. This program also features two basic configurations, which you can use if you wish.

The first you can automatically include for the emails you send. The other you can set up for a group selective you want; Especially the latter would be very useful, if you are one of those people who constantly share emails with specific people.

Steps to enable Outlook read receipts

To be able to enjoy this program you must first press Outlook on the desk; then click on the menu File; then click on Options.

Then in email options; now click on the dialog box that will appear, look for the option follow-up, where is the message management. Finally, click on the Reading Confirmation or Delivery Receipt.

Steps to enable Outlook read receipts

Then, in the lower position, click For all the Messages that I send the Request; now you press A receipt and Delivery. It will immediately send you a message to notify you that your message has been received. But it is also of utmost importance that the recipient accepts and responds to the Read confirmation.

To continue, press To accept; and so the changes will be applied and you can proceed to close the windows; in this way, with a simple email you can send these requests. For which you must click on the Options button; you will find this in the compose window. Then click the checkbox Reading confirmation or Delivery Receipt.

Receive notifications

But, if you want your email to notify you when a message has been read and you want to configure it, you must click on Options; if you only want a single receipt, select Tracking Options, only if the version is from 2007.

On the other hand, if you want it for all messages, go to the main window and press tools. Then, click on options and then mail option, and to finish select together Tracking Option and Reading Receipts.

Now that you are able to turn off or on read receipts of Outlook, we hope it has been very useful for you, and that you can achieve the goal you want. Leave us your comment and share this information with your family and friends.

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