How to Unban a Server or User in Minecraft? – Solution (Example)

Minecraft is one of the most popular sandboxes of the last decade, this is mostly due to its great game interface, since it allows you to play with many friends at the same time online. This is precisely why today’s tutorial was created, to help you with the question How to unban a server or user in Minecraft?

And, if there is something really bad, it is enjoying a great day with your colleagues, and suddenly one of them is banned from the server and I can’t go in anymore. This happens to many people, and if you belong to that group, then you are in the right place at least to remove the doubt of whether it can be unbanned or not.

However, even if this happens to you, you should not get angry at the fact that someone is blocked, since reporting or reporting a server or user in Minecraft is an important practice to keep the community fresh (that is why it is important to learn the answer a How to ban hackers in Minecraft even though I have no rank?)

How to unban a server or user in Minecraft?

The first thing you have to keep in mind about the question How unban a server or user in Minecraft ?, is that if the user is banned, it is most likely that there is not much you can do (at least for yourself).

A solution to this is to go to the main server forum that you are using (or its official page), and send a request to the technical support of the game. Remember that depending on the server this can be done differently, but always open a technical support section.

river landscape in original minecraft

When you find it send a message explaining why you found the ban unfair (it’s like making an appeal). If your case is justified then the ban will be removed. However, this will not happen immediately, remember that on a large server thousands of requests arrive a day.

If you don’t have an answer, you can always tell a friend to do you the favor of joining the server and talking to one of the moderators or administrators present, to see if they can take you into consideration (there is always an active admin).

Remember that you should not try anything weird to be able to enter the server in question again, since nothing will do, not even change the Minecraft username on all platforms, to sneak around.

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Unban someone from your own server

With what you read above, you should have already answered the first part of the question How to unban a server or user in Minecraft? I block someone from the game, then you must learn how to reverse this action.

For this you have to be an administrator, creator or moderator (if not, it is not possible that you can use the necessary special commands). If you want to ravage someone from the console, you will only have to start your server and go to the tab called “Console”.

Every server page should have one, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find it, once you’re there put: / pardon followed by the player’s name the one you want to remove the lock from. If that command doesn’t work try / Unban followed by the name as well.

Unban from the game

In the event that you want to perform the unbanning within the Minecraft You just have to open the game and enter your server, then press the T key, so that the game chat appears and in it write the same commands with the names of the forgiven.

village in original minecraft

This should get them off the block list right away and give you access to the game again. So with that last thing you read, I finally answer the question How to unban a server or user in Minecraft?

It is time for you to go to the server you use and start forgiving people, in case you are the culprit, then go ahead and apologize properly or offer a credible explanation of what happened when you were banned.

Remember that all servers are serious places, full of people looking to have fun and have a good time, no one wants someone teasing or cheating. Behave like a model citizen and if the server is yours, demand that others act like this.

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If you tried everything written here, but still your partner or you are still banned, then you will have no choice but to find a new server, or create a shared world in Minecraft to play with friends (in which you can place the mods and maps you want).

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