How to Unbind Wolfteam Account Wrongly Banned – Solution

Wolfteam is a video game of the First Person Shooter branch. As they play, they participate in wars and they acquire coins or gold that are used to buy ITem. This game is similar to Counter Strike used on smartphones, only a little more futuristic. Therefore, in this post we will explain How to unban an unfairly banned Wolfteam account.

Why is a Wolfteam account banned?

In Wolfteam you can find events and they have their temporary rules, as it is the case that if you kill a GM you cannot give gold to finish him off. One of its disadvantages is that users use Bots and hack to obtain a higher score, which causes administrators to penalize these users.

Some users have lost their accounts for use bot and hack programsThis is why it is not recommended to do so, as it will cause the Wolfteam account to be banned and lost because of this.

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Wolfteam has different types of account bans, some can be temporary and others permanent and in this case the only solution that exists is to create a new account in the game, that is, use a different email address than the one you already have.

In the event that your account has been banned, in this post we will teach you a method so that you can recover it, and the best thing is that it is very easy to do and it works on any PC that has installed the game.

Learn how to unfairly unban a Wolfteam account

Unfairly unbanning a Wolfteam account is a very simple and quick process, you just need to turn off the router for at least 5 minutes. Resetting or restarting the router is very useful to solve the internet connection and as well as avoid the Hacker attack.

Another thing is that allow the IP address of your device to be changed, that is, another IP address will be assigned. Changing the IP address will remove all locks from the Wolteam account and can even be very useful for permanently locking the Wolfteam account, which will prevent creating a new account.

Change Wolfteam account password

Many Wolfteam user They are looking to change the Wolfteam password, however in some cases they cannot verify the email. Here we will explain the easiest and fastest way for you to change the password for your Wolfteam account.

Something that you should keep in mind when changing the password is that you must remember the secret answer that you put when you created the Wolfteam account once said this, follow the following steps:

  • Log in to the Wolfteam page.
  • Once you are in the user panel, go to the menu and click on the MI Info section.
  • There you will find the option to change password.
  • Then fill in the form with the current password and the new password.
  • Now, write the secret answer, that’s all you have already changed the password of your Wolfteam account.

Another method to change the password of the wolfteam account

Although the previous way to change the password is simple, there is another way to do it and it is by entering the Wolfteam main page, there it will re-edit us to the screen with the traditional form of our account, only this time we will click where it says I forgot my password.

looking for enemy shooting game

A form will appear in which you must enter the email linked to our account and a little further down is a verification form with two words. Once you have written the requested data, you click OK. They will send you an email with a link, in which you must access to enter the new password.

It should be noted that some users mention that they do not receive the messageBut that’s because many email services categorize Wolfteman messages as Spam emails.

Because, you must wait about 5 minutes for the email to be received, but if you notice that you don’t have the message in your inbox, then check the Spam section before requesting a new email with the link.

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