How to Unblock and Activate Facebook Marketplace and Use it From Mobile or PC How does it work?

Facebook Marketplace is one of the sites linked to the Facebook platform where intense economic activity is practiced and allows users to find, buy and sell the products they need, and beyond that, they can also get jobs and employees.

The operation of Facebook Marketplace is simple and you can access it quickly when you need buy or offer something for sale. If you do not know how to use this platform or you do not have it active, do not worry, here we will teach you how to use and activate it briefly.

How does Facebook Marketplace work and what do you get there?

The Marketplace platform on Facebook has many tools and is used for an infinite number of things, even the ones you least imagine. Trade is one of the main activities But there is much more than that.

This market site is one of the main ones in Latin American countries, and it consists of a search engine where you can write almost everything you want and thus choose what is on offer.

Facebook’s Marketplace tool works for market products, whether new from the factory or used by other people, who no longer need them, and are in good condition and at a fairly affordable price, so it is a good option if you want to save your expenses.

In Facebook Marketplace you get all kinds of products, from electronic devices, through household appliances and cars, to apartments and real estate at cheaper prices than in conventional markets.

activate marketplace to use it from mobile and pc

For these reasons, if you want to get a job, buy any product, or simply inquire about its prices, you can use this Facebook Marketplace; and this access is simple, but sometimes it does not appear in our Facebook account, so we will show you how to unblock it right away.

How to unblock and activate Facebook Marketplace and use it from mobile?

You may have been using Facebook Marketplace on a regular basis and suddenly the option with the Marketplace icon on your mobile, or maybe you are using a new Facebook account and you do not have the option activated.

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Whatever the reason, the reality is that you cannot enter Facebook Marketplace to find out the prices of the products you need to buy, or see how the market is for those you want to sell or market, so it is necessary solve this problem.

Among the reasons why you may not have the Facebook Marketplace option active we have the outdated facebook app; the icon is not present in our account; and inability of the mobile operating system.

In the first case, you should only update the Facebook app to the latest version, as well as update Facebook Messenger on your mobile, since this is the means of communication between users.

In the case of not finding the icon, you just have to go to the search engine and write ‘Marketplace’; And when it comes to an operating system problem, it is because the mobile no longer has the capacity to support Facebook updates.

How to unblock and activate Facebook Marketplace and use it from PC?

Now, we have only talked about solutions focused on mobile phones, and how to find Facebook Marketplace through them, and we forget about the possibility of entering this platform via PC.

We must be clear that every time we enter Facebook from our computer, everything is easier to locate, use and get.

unblock marketplace on facebook for purchases

In the case of Facebook Marketplace, we do not find an exception: in fact, when nothing can be done using the mobile phone and the Facebook application within it, what is recommended is to go to from PC to search for the option.

When we enter Facebook, and we are in our account (in the timeline), we can notice several options as a column located in the left side of our screen. Within these we will see the Marketplace icon, a store symbol.

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In this way, you can quickly enter Facebook Marketplace from your PC without having complications when finding the option, and you will have access to products that you will buy or sell.

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