How to Uninstall or Remove an Installed Theme in Wordpress – Quick and Easy (Example)

Today we are going to see how to uninstall or remove an installed theme in WordPress with two very simple methods. Ideal for those who are just taking their first steps with this powerful CMS.

WordPress is a CMS that began designed for blogs and to insert spaces between lines or paragraphs. But thanks to its huge community it evolved in a remarkable way. So much so that thanks to the enormous variety of themes and plugins it has, it is possible to create a complete website of any theme and change or remove the credits and copyright of the footer without any kind of problem.

With this CMS it is possible to do things like place two images together, among others. To give yourself an ideal slight, the possibilities are really huge, you can go from creating a simple technology blog to an online store.

In this way we can find thousands of WordPress themes, it is impossible to try them all, but we cannot deny that we are curious to try to try several of these. It is something normal, until we find the one that suits the style of our blog and especially our tastes.

But after testing, if we do not take care of eliminating those that we do not like, we end up with a hosting full of themes that we are not going to use. What should we do in this case? Simply remove them and we will see two simple methods below so that you can uninstall any kind of theme from your WordPress without leaving traces.

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How to remove an installed WordPress theme

Before starting we recommend that you create a backup of your WordPress. Backups are always essential before carrying out any kind of process, no matter how simple it may be.

  • The first thing you will have to do is log into your WordPress administrator panel.
  • Next, you will have to go to the section of “Appearance”Which can be found on the left side bar of the screen.
  • If the theme you want to uninstall is active and is displayed on your website. You will have to activate another theme, since WordPress does not allow you to delete the one that is active.
  • Now you will have to find the theme you want to uninstall.
  • Hover the mouse over said topic and you will see that its thumbnail turns slightly gray and a message appears that says “Topic details”.
  • What we must do is simply click on it to open a window with all the information on the subject in question.
  • Inside this window if you look at the bottom right you will see a button that says “Delete”When clicking on it, a pop-up window appears where you will have to confirm that you actually want to delete the subject in question.
  • After confirming the theme it will be removed from WordPress and from your server without leaving any kind of trace. It’s that simple to uninstall a WordPress theme.

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How to uninstall a WordPress theme

In case you want to delete a WordPress theme by FTP, it is something even easier for some. All you need is to have an FTP client like FileZilla, among others.

Once connected to your hosting you will simply have to go to “wp-content“And then we go to”themesHere you will have to choose the theme you want to remove, all the ones that are installed are shown. Just right click it and then “Remove”.

You must bear in mind that by FTP if you can remove the theme that is active on your site. So you must be sure that the theme you are uninstalling is exactly the one you want, since if you delete the one you have active, the blog will load blank.

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If you do not have much experience in WordPress and FTP, we recommend using the first method, which is the simplest and in a few steps you will be able to delete any theme from your WordPress installation without any kind of problem, you can also go to its official site and check the subscription plans it has for you.

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