How to unlink my Facebook account from Spotify from my cell phone? – Step by step (Example)

Spotify is a unique platform that without a doubt it marked us a before and after in our musical selection. Since it is not only very economical, but also very easy to use; we can enjoy your services in a very short time. Without a doubt, it is an app specially designed for our benefit; which you can also use when linking or unlinking your Facebook account from Spotify

The best of all is that by using it you can enjoy its service anywhere in the world, wherever you are, be it with Internet connection as without it; In addition, you will listen to your entire musical repertoire without having to download the songs, only online. If you have a slow connection, you can check out a review we did to help you speed it up.

Now, when you start using your Spotify account, you may decide to link your account with Facebook, something that can have advantages and disadvantages.

A very common disadvantage that Spotify has and that is a common complaint of some users, is that when linking it with your Facebook account, each song that listen online it will be shared on the social network, something that can become very annoying for many network users.

If you are one of them and want to learn how to unlink your Facebook account from Spotify, do not get unstuck, because today we will teach you how to do it with a simple step by step that we will provide you below; let’s see.

How to unlink my Facebook account from Spotify?

mobile with the spotify app

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To increase the influx of public, Spotify has implemented linking Facebook to the platform. However, as you are not satisfied with the use, you may want to simply unlink it from Facebook and continue enjoying the service from the app on your mobile or pc; Today we will teach you how to do it with the following step by step.

Unlink Facebook account from Spotify From mobile

Something that you must take into account is that it is very likely that you simply cannot unlink your Facebook to Spotify from your cell phone; however, we will teach you a very simple method that is very practical to try.

  1. First you must log in to your Facebook page, as you usually do from your cell phone.
  2. Then access settings and proceeds to click on the part of security. Then go to the section of games, apps and websites.
  3. When you enter the previous window you will find the option preferences, click on the option apps, websites and games again.
  4. Once there you will realize that the window to the applications linked to Facebook will open, and you will surely find Spotify, you just have to click on deactivate, confirm the action and in this way you will unlink Spotify from Facebook.

Unlink Facebook account from Spotify from PC

It’s even easier unlink Spotify account to Facebook from the pc; follow the step by step below:

  1. First you must enter Spotify from your PC.
  2. At the top of the screen you will find the option Modify.
  3. Then you must click preferences.
  4. Then another screen will open with many options, including “Share my activity on Spotify Social” and “Show what I listen to on Facebook.”
  5. You shall deactivate Both options, in this way your Spotify account will be unlinked from Facebook.

Benefits of using Spotify and Facebook

mobile with spotify icon and other apps

Login with Facebook to enter Spotify or vice versa, brought many benefits, since by doing it you can keep up to date with your friends on both platforms; likewise, share music that they or you like, or simply recommend them. Spotify has the function of having a playlist with your favorite music, if you have lost it, you can recover it and share it on Facebook with your friends.

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As we have seen, it is masterful using the Spotify platform; It is not only made to have fun, but also to know and expand your musical tastes, download songs and podcasts. We hope that all the information provided will be of great use to you, as well as your comments below, since they encourage us to generate more content like this.

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