How to Unlink or Deactivate my Twitter Account from Facebook? (Example)

The world has evolved bringing with it technologies that support human life and communication. And it is that from sending letters that would arrive in days, they switched to more direct methods such as courier.

From there, it went to a new level that was more interactive and easier to use: social networks. These provide the opportunity to communicate quickly, as it is a matter of seconds for messages to reach the recipient.

These messages will not only reach people who are close to us but also have an international reach. In addition, they serve as a means of expression since in them you can capture your thoughts; what you like or dislike.

You can also share your favorite images and videos with others, in short, anything you want to transmit in them you can do it.

Among the best known social networks we can find: Twitter and Facebook. And although each one has a different method, their objective is the same. Today it is common to see the users of these networks, communicate and share Tweets on their Facebook pages.

These networks have the option of linking your Facebook profile to your Twitter account, which allows content to be shared simultaneously on both. If you have this option active and for some reason you want to unlink it, but your knowledge is little, we will help you here.

You will see how simple it will be unlink your account Twitter From Facebook and have accounts that are independent from now on.

How do I unlink or deactivate my Twitter account from Facebook?

Social Networks Twitter and Facebook with person walking in the background

Maybe at the beginning when you linked your accounts you saw this option as a way to stay active on both social networks. Of course, even if it is an exit it will not always be the best idea, since it may share things totally different in them.

Or maybe you feel that it takes a lot of time to check if what you share is published correctly in each one. Whatever reason you wait unlink your accounts It will disappear because you will learn how to do it. Next we will teach you how to unlink from your computer and from your mobile device.

Unlink your Twitter account from Facebook from your computer

Doing it by this means is very simple, you will only have to follow our steps and thus you will be able to unlink them very quickly. Let’s first see what you should do on Facebook.

Step 1

Access your Facebook account, go to the settings section of your account and click on “Settings and privacy” and then “Settings”.

Step 2

Once inside on your left side you will see a few options, you must look for the one that says “Public publications” and select it.

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Step 3

Already in that option, search among its sections the one that says “Twitter” where you will notice that your account is linked.

Step 4

You will see that you can edit this option by clicking on “Edit”, followed by the option “Unlink the Twitter profile” and that’s it.

In this way you will unlink your Twitter account from Facebook, now you just need to remove the authorization of this on Twitter.

Step 1

Access your Twitter account and go to the section of “Settings” and click on it, then select “Settings & Privacy.”

Step 2

You should look for the section of “Applications” where you will click. Within it the link with Facebook will appear, select “Revoke access” and you are done.

Unlink your Twitter account from Facebook from your mobile device

The steps to follow in this case are few compared to the previous method. Regardless of whether you are an Android or iOS user, they will help you unlink your accounts easily.

Step 1

Go to your Facebook account, access “Settings and privacy” and then the first option appears the one of “Configuration”, select it.

Step 2

In the “Security” section, you must select “Apps and websites” and access the “Session started with Facebook” option.

Step 3

In this section there are three options, in the “Assets” option select your Twitter account and proceed to “Delete”. A window will appear to confirm if you really want to delete it, select “Delete” and the process will be completed.

How to deactivate the publications of my Facebook account on Twitter?

Silhouette of person manipulating mobile with Facebook and Twitter background

To do this, the first thing you should do is access your Twitter account and select “Settings and privacy”. You will see the option “Profile” select it, it will show you the option to disconnect Facebook, click on “Disconnect” and it will be everything.

Now if you want to learn how to link and add social networks to your Facebook profile, we recommend reading the link in the previous article.

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