How to Unlock a Motorola Cellphone with Pattern, Pin or Password? (Example)

The lock is one of the most fundamental parts of a phone. Pprotect privacy and prevents any intruder from snooping personal data and photos. For all types of telephone there are different types of blocking. Today’s appointment is to learn how to unlock a Motorola cell phone, as simple as transmitting from the Motorola screen on Smart TV, although it is not the case.

The phones of this long-lived and well-known brand have always been of excellent quality, and in terms of security they are not far behind, giving us different unlocking options, each one easier than the other, it is most likely that you have used one of these, but it never hurts to take a walk through memory.

Unlock a Motorola cell phone, Multi-Options

The first thing is to enter the window of “Applications“And then to the section of”Settings”, A menu with options will appear. “Security and screen lock”.

The following are the most common options that will appear on most Motorola smartphones:

  • None: You do not have to specify much, you will leave your phone free and open.
  • Slide: It does not offer any security, but it allows access to the menu more quickly.
  • Facial Unlock: allows you to unlock the phone with your face or face. It is one of the fastest and most modern in the world (above all safe of course).
  • Pattern: Perhaps the most common option, you can draw a pattern with your finger. Once this is done, you just have to repeat it on your screen whenever you want.
  • PIN: You must enter a security number, it can be a minimum of 4, but the longer the better.
  • Password: with a minimum the same as the previous one but with the exception that you must also enter letters (this is probably the safest option there is).

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Unlocking a Motorola cell phone How does this work?

There are thousands of ways to unlock a phone, from unlocking an Android cell phone with facial recognition to even unlocking an Android cell phone if you forgot the pattern or password. The Motorola screen lock works like almost all other brands. It is not that complicated, and as you can see it has many different options.

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The Motorola lock has two timers, the first is called “Suspension”, This to save the battery of the mobile will turn off the screen. To Unlock it again you just have to pass your finger over it, the second has the name “Automatic Lock”.

This is the one that activates the options above, such as the PIN, the password, the face unlock and the security pattern, preventing anyone from unlocking a Motorola cell phone. One timer starts when the other timer ends, specifically speaking, the “Automatic lock”, comes after “Suspension”, And after the second finish is that it will ask you to enter the pin or pattern data (when turning on the screen).

To configure the “Automatic Lock timer”, you must go to “Settings”, then “Security and Screen Lock”, “Automatic Lock” and you will be in the menu to edit. To configure the “Sleep Timer”, it is even simpler you just have to go through “Settings“Again later”Screen” and finally “Suspension”. As a note if you want to use the “Facial Recognition” but you do not want the message to appear, slide the screen, you must set the “Automatic Block” time to 5 seconds only.

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What if I forgot my pattern or PIN, what should I do?

Good as Tip the simplest solution would be, enter the PIN or Pattern 5 times wrongly. Once you have entered it wrong (because you are not supposed to remember your password), you will have to wait 30 seconds. Following this, you will be able to enter the password again but you will notice that an option now appears called Have you forgotten the Pattern ?.

We select is and you will be asked to log in with your Google email (the one configured in the clear phone). Then it will ask us to create another pattern (this is not absolutely necessary), after that everything will be ready.

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This brand is one of the best brands and with years of experience it was expected that you would have the best options to protect phones and that not everyone can unlock a Motorola cell phone.

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