How to Unlock an Android Cell Phone with Face Recognition? (Example) | See How It’s Done

If you use an android device and you care about the security of your data there is no problem, since in this article we will teach you one of the different ways to unlock it, in a tutorial on how unlock an Android cell phone with facial recognition.

How can you unlock your android cell phone with facial recognition?

There are several ways to unlock a cell phone, Android is one of those that offers its users different alternatives, including the traditional incorporation of a PIN, the recognition of fingerprint, and even audio or voice recognition, which are functions that Android itself has incorporated by default.

way to unlock mobile or tablet with facial recognition function

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However, Android since version 4.0 in its technological evolution, has been including the option of facial recognition or Trusted FaceThus, it is possible to easily unlock the cell phone just by capturing the face of its own owner.

Setting up facial recognition from your Android cell phone

Below we will show you in a very simple way how to do it:

  • Go to the menu Settings o Configuration of your Android.
  • Then select the option Security, and then Security and fingerprint, or in other versions it will appear as Security and Location.

method to configure facial recognition on the android mobile or tablet

  • Now go to the option Smart lock, there it will send you to another screen to confirm your PIN number, enter it and click on to accept.
  • On this screen you have a list with several options: Body Detection, Trusted Sites, Trusted Devices, Voice Unlock and the option you must press, which is Facial recognition.
  • In the section Confidence face information you can configure the facial recognition function, just press on Set up, then press on Next to be able to capture your face.
  • Then on the screen Add a confident face, place the cell phone at eye level, you will see that your face will be positioned in the designated area, take care of good lighting and that your face is also centered to proceed with the scan, in this way facial recognition will be carried out correctly .
  • The process will be completely finished when I show you the message Added face, and finally click on Ready.

From now on when your cell phone is locked and you also notice that the padlock symbol is closed, you will see how quickly it is unlocked and the padlock was opened, simply by positioning your face in front of it.

Download an app

If you are one of those users who have an Android whose cell phone does not have the facial recognition function incorporated, or you want to enable this function for other applications that you have installed, you should not worry, because you can choose to install certain apps that the market offers you, some of them are free, and they are special for Android cell phones.

Get good advice before choosing the app, some do not need rootIn some cases, just by pressing a link you can download the app, but since most of the steps are similar, then here we will show you how to do it:

  • Head to the store or Play Store of Google.
  • Search and download the app.
  • On Security go to Smart lock, then carry out the same process that we have indicated previously.
  • Other apps will allow you to enable options to block with facial recognition other applications that you want to need protection, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • In fact, the WhatsApp application also allows you to block it individually.
  • Every time you enter these applications, it will ask you for facial recognition to unlock them, so you can access them instantly.

We want to limit you that when we compare the facial recognition function with that of Apple, that of Android is not entirely safe, since it does not have the same sharpness; This makes this feature susceptible to recognizing other similar faces and easy access to the system. However, you can get some apps that improve this feature.

But if you have decided to learn how unlock an android cell phone with facial recognition, then go ahead and follow our explanation carefully, and save yourself the trouble of having third parties review your personal information.

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