How to Unlock my iPhone Locked by iTunes? – Fast and easy

It is no secret to anyone that Apple is one of the telecommunications companies that sells the most electronic devices in the world. And it has devised different services that offer its users the possibility of blocking their equipment in case of theft or loss.

But what happens when we lock our own equipment and cannot unlock it? In the next tutorial we will explain how to unlock my iPhone locked by iTunes.

This function is very new that Apple presents to its users in their iPhone devices, where through the iTunes application you can reactivate a phone that was totally disabled.

mobile locked itunes

And if you are here, surely you are one like me, who accidentally blocked the iPhone, do not worry and calm your fears, know this trick, which will really leave you open-mouthed because of how simple its application is.

If you have already read the article that taught you how to safely clean the data of an iPhone that is locked. You will realize that even in these circumstances you can use your mobile. But now we will focus on what you should do to unlock our iPhone locked by iTunes, easy and fast.

How to unlock my iPhone locked by iTunes?

As we have already mentioned, it is very easy to carry out this operation and to start you must first install it on your computer if you do not have it yet iTunes. And you must enter through your iCloud account.

But before connecting our phone, it must be off, then you are going to press the Home button and without releasing you must connect the cable that comes from the computer to the phone.

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You should not release until the image of the connecting cable appears on the screen of your mobile. Now you can release the button, as it is in iTunes mode. This means that our iPhone device has been detected. Once iTunes is open you must go to account e sign in with your iCloud account.

Having all this ready, you are going to perform the previous step that we explain to connect the iPhone to the computer. When you connect it, it will automatically detect it, showing you the device model on the screen. And it will also show us a window with the following question if we want Update or Restore the mobile device.

In our case, we are going to select the option to restore, so that it remains from the factory and we can erase the blockade. Then we proceed to click on the Restore option, then another window will appear where they will ask us if we are sure and about the risks that choosing this option represents and we click on the Restore option to update.

Using the iTunes application from the personal computer

Now we will be shown a series of window where it shows us the version of the update for our device, we are going to click next. Then we click on Accept where we accept the terms and begin the process of downloading the system with the updates. At the top left is the download icon, we can click there to see the progress.

In parallel in our iPhone A bar will appear, indicating the progress of the download. Now we just have to wait the time necessary for the download to complete, the process may take more or less time, depending on the model of our phone that is being used. But at the end of the download, our mobile will be unlocked and one hundred percent operational.

But it will have a small problem and that is that all our files will have been deleted, since the equipment has been left from the factory. That is, if you did not have the foresight to save your music files, images, photos, etc. These have been deleted and it will be very difficult not to say impossible that you can recover them.

unlock iphone

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And in this way we come to the end of another excellent tutorial that I show you the simple steps you must take to learn How to unlock my iPhone locked by iTunes? Quick and easy.

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