How to Unlock My iPhone or iPad with Tenorshare 4uKey if I Can’t Remember the Access Code

Something vital in a smartphone and that everyone has today is the option to lock its screen with a password. Of course, once we lock our cell phone, it is necessary that we remember the password that we have established. If for one reason or another you have forgotten it, do not worry, because in this article we will show you how to unlock your iPhone or iPad with Tenorshare 4uKey if you don’t remember the passcode quickly and easily.

Believe it or not, forgetting your smartphone password is very normal, so there is no problem if it happens to you. Before resorting to expensive technicians, you can try to unlock it yourself with help from the excellent 4uKey app. Read on and find out how to use it to unlock your iPhone or iPad if you’ve forgotten your password.

How to unlock your iPhone or iPad with 4uKey?

Today there is an app or tool for almost any task that we want to carry out. Whether we want to personalize our devices or carry out more serious and important tasks, we will always have a tool available. If for one reason or another you have locked your iPhone or iPad and now you don’t remember the password, this has a solution.

You can use the famous 4uKey app, which allows us, after locking your iPhone screen with a password, easily unlock it if you have forgotten it. But surely you are wondering how it is possible to use this app if your iPhone or iPad is locked and turned off.

macbook and iphone on desktop

Well, here are the simple steps you must follow to use this wonderful app from Tenorshare and, with the help of your computer, unlock the device in a simple and practical way.

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Steps to unlock your iPhone or iPad with 4uKey

You might think that once you manage to lock your iPhone screen and forget the password, there is no apparent solution. But the truth is that with 4uKey you can solve this problem easily. The steps you must follow to use it correctly are:

  • To get started, download the app on your laptop or PC.
  • Once downloaded, open it to begin the process.
  • Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Click on the option to “Unlock the security code”, which is in the app.
  • Press “Start”.
  • Once this is done, press the button to download the firmware to the device, as the app will search for the file.
  • To finish the process, unlock your iPhone or iPad

Simple as that! Although this app is of great help in this case, you should bear in mind that what it does is delete all your data and files on the device. In this way, once reset, it is not necessary to remember the code.

This can certainly be annoying, but if you have a backup or backup on your iPhone or iPad, you can just reset it.

If you do not know how to restore your data with the help of iCloud, then read on and discover how you can do it, and thus eliminate collateral damage on the device after using the 4uKey app.

How to restore data on iPhone or iPad from backup?

If you have seen yourself in need of reset your iPhone or iPad to unlock itDon’t worry, you can restore all your data if you have previously made a backup. The steps you must follow to restore the data with the help of iCloud, are:

  • First of all, turn on the device.
  • Since it has been reset, you will see the greeting screen.
  • There, follow the usual setup steps.

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  • When you get to the “Apps and data” section, press “Restore from iCloud backup”.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Select a backup from those you have made.
  • To restore your apps and purchases, sign in with your Apple ID, although you may well skip this step.
  • Wait until a progress bar appears and fills up.
  • Start using the device.

This process can take hours or days, depending on the weight of the copy. Restoring your iPhone or iPad is very simple, and we hope that you can easily unlock them with the help of 4uKey.

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