How to Unlock my Mobile and Face Applications on Android with IObit Applock

Today we know that technological advances have increased to large scale and exponentially in a short period of time, with the creation of new resources and tools that facilitate the operation of all electronic devices.

In the case of our smartphone, a great variety of applications are developed every day that allow us to optimize the use of the device or even extend the customization of the same.

One of the most important benefits that our smartphones offer us is the fact that be able to block access to it, in order to protect our data and maintain our privacy from external persons; In the beginning, simple but effective forms of blocking were created such as passwords, codes or, the so famous patterns, which have been the preference of many users to this day.

With the passing of time and in order to adapt more to the needs of users, new security methods have been developed to be able to block our smartphone, among them we can find fingerprint unlock and face unlock.

It must be taken into account that not all devices have these two forms of locking aforementioned, either because the device does not have the necessary design to place the fingerprint or, because their operating systems do not have the necessary configuration so that they can use these security methods.

For this reason, a wide variety of applications have been implemented that allow users to have access to these settings on their smartphones. Among these applications we find Hexlock, or IObit Applock.

phone lock

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What is IObit Applock?

IObit Applock is an application developed by IObit which is one of the best known security companies in the computer industry, with this application you will be able to lock your phone in a more secure way offering you various options, among the most prominent are fingerprint unlocking and facial unlocking, as long as your phone has an Android version capable of running the application.

In addition, what makes the application stand out is that not only do you allows you to set a lock on your phone itself, but also offers you the option to block the individual applications found within it, either to protect conversations as in the case of wanting to establish a lock for WhatsApp, or personal content of system applications that would be the gallery of device photos.

It also offers a wide variety of options that allow you to increase the security measures of the phone, such as, for example, we could limit the use of notifications or even hide apps from our home section.

face unlock

So we can unlock the Mobile and the applications with the face on Android with IObit Applock

Facial unlocking is a blocking option widely used by users, since it is not necessary to have to remember a pattern or a password, it is simply a matter of putting the face in front of the phone so that through the front camera you can scan the face and unlock, with the 10bit Applock application you may be able to set this function, no matter if your phone is high-end or not, so you can block it or a specific application.

Notably this blocking method is not 100% recommendable since it can be fooled using a photo of you.

Fortunately, IObit Applock has a large number of functions that can be useful on these occasions, since the application when trying to access a blocked application or your phone, can automatically take a photo of the intruder, it records the date and time when you tried to access it, and it even allows you to set a limit of opportunities when entering incorrect passwords.

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To start using this facial unlocking function, it is only a matter of downloading the application in the Google Play Store, granting the necessary permissions, enabling this function and registering your facial data in the application, and ready!, you can unlock your phone with facial recognition, we hope this article has helped you.

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