How to Unlock or Access the Hidden Kitten Game on Android 11 Cell Phone

The smartphone industry continues to advance and launch new devices, which also leads to constant release of new updates with respect to the operating system.

In which the operating system for Android smartphones is always in constant development of new updates that allow the execution of new actions, after several months of waiting and developer preview and beta versions, it finally managed to come to light Android version 11. If you do not know your version of Android you can enter the official Google help center

What’s new in the Android 11 version?

The giant Google company after having fixed certain features of its beta versions, could finally announce the long-awaited version of Android 11, which is officially now available so that its users can update their version of Android offering new features and functions. Among the novelties that the new version of Android brings us are:

New controls in home automation

You will be able to control the devices that are connected by Google Home having the device lockedBy accessing the notification bar, these options will be found next to the shutdown, restart and emergency buttons.

android figures

Bubbles for messaging app chats

Now your phone will allow you to access the conversation you have without having to enter the app at the moment when they write to you through floating bubbles.

Improved permissions for apps

Now you can choose whether to give permission to an app only once or only when it is being used so that it can access certain functions, be it storage, camera or location.

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Improved notifications

Android version 11 is now able to prioritize notifications that are conversationsWhen you open the notification bar, you will first see the messages that have reached you, and you will be able to reply to them directly.

Screen recording

Although this option was already owned by Xiaomi phones and could be done through certain applications that helped to transmit the screen like Roku, it is now available for any phone with the Android 11 version, this action basically allows you record in real time what is being done on the device.

Updates via Google Play Store

Now Google could take over more modules allowing them to be updated directly by the same company Eliminating the hassle of having to wait for the manufacturer to develop the update, it should be noted that to perform this function you have to have the Google Play Store updated in its latest version.

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One of the most outstanding functions that this incredible version has, is that we can find a secret game very curious in which it has to do with kittens, this is an action that Android has developed throughout its versions.

Unlock or access the hidden kitty game on your Android 11 cell phone

To find the secret section of Android 11 and be able to access the hidden kitty game, follow these steps:

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Unlock the hidden section of Android

  • Look in your phone’s settings for the option to About of the phone, and look for the Android version.
  • Press 3 times on the text quickly until it redirects you to a window with a lime green dial.
  • Turn the dial three times in a clockwise direction, and returning it to its initial point, you can pass the tenth point of the dial in the third time so that a number “11” appears and below a cat emoji.

Add controls for cats

  • press and hold the power button for a second to open the new energy menu.
  • Select the icon with the three dots next to the switches and press the add controls option.
  • Check each box and click Keep.

Now it’s only your turn take care of cats, you will have to feed them, give them water and play with them using the energy menu, if you fulfill these three tasks, a notification will arrive that will notify you about the arrival of new felines, which depending on your interaction with them will alert you using emojis to express yourself.

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