How to Unlock or Remove the Password of my Protected PDF File? – Very Easy (Example)

It is very common that to protect and prevent another person from accessing your information, you put a password to your PDF files so that it cannot be modified. But now you need to remove this key from your files so that other users can access them without having to share the password with each of them. Or if you have forgotten it, then we invite you to continue reading this post. Next we will talk about several methods that exist to be able to remove password from protected PDF file.

Unlock a PDF file online with Google Drive

In this new section we will show you a very simple method to be able to unlock your PDF files without having to download any application or program on the web.

With Google Drive you can carry out this process in a few minutes. Later we will show you what you need to do to unlock a PDF file using Google Drive.

  • In this first step you will have to log in to Gmail to be able to access the files with Google Drive.
  • Then you will have to upload the PDF files that you want to unlock to this platform.
  • When you have uploaded the file to the Drive, you must open it and select the print icon or simply press Ctrl + P at the same time.
  • Now the dialog window to print the file will open. Here you will have to select the option “Destiny
  • Subsequently, a menu with several options will be displayed, among which you must select “Change“.
  • To finish you must find the option “Save as PDF“for the file to be downloaded as an unlocked PDF file.

Download PDF items to unlock PDF files

If you are the owner of said document, you can change the security properties of the PDF file. But below we show you another way that exists to be able to remove the password from your PDF files. It is using an excellent program called PDFelements. In which you can download on the internet for free. Later we will explain how to use this program to unlock a PDF file.

signature printed pdf document

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  • First of all you must open your PDF file to be unlocked from the PDFelements program
  • Later you have to select the option “Allow editThis way you will obtain the necessary permissions to be able to remove the password from this file.
  • Go to the “Protect” tab and click on the option that says “Password“.
  • Then a new window will open in which we have to select the option “Open password
  • Next you will have to enter the password of the file to be able to finish the process. This way, when you try open the PDF file again, you will not have to enter the access code.

How to remove password from protected PDF file in Windows 10?

Either you don’t want to share the password with every person to whom you give access to your PDF files because of how complicated it can be. Here we tell you how remove password from protected PDF file in Windows 10. Remember to have the password for your PDF files at hand.

  • To begin you have to open the pdf document from your computer and then you must press the Ctrl + P keys at the same time. This will open the window with the options to print the document.
  • Then you must select the printer “Microsoft Print“and then click on the” Print “option.
  • Next, a pop-up window will open so that we can select the location where we want to save the PDF document. Thanks to this we can save our PDF file without password.
  • To check this, you simply have to go to the location where you have saved the file and open it. This way you can check that the PDF file does not ask for a password when opening it.

And a very good option is that you can set Adobe Reader as the default reader in Windows 10 so that when you want to open your PDF document, it will do it automatically.

Another way to remove the password to a PDF file from the browser

This process is similar to the previous one, only this time you will have to use the browser. Remember that this procedure it only works if you have the key of the PDF document.

  • First of all you have to open the PDF document with our browser of choice, either Mozilla or Google Chrome.

pdf document

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  • Then you have to enter the password for this file and then right click on the document.
  • Now select the option “Save as“and choose the location where you want to save the file.
  • Ready! In this way also you will be able to save a PDF file without password.

We’re done! Please remember to share it with all your contacts through social networks, as this would help us a lot.

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