How to Unlock Someone or a Friend in Fortnite Easily? (Example)

Everyone loves to play online. You can play with friends and have a good time, but it also has consequences such as fighting over mistakes, instantly crashing. Today you will learn to unblock someone or a friend in Fortnite and enjoy the things to do in creative mode.

The gamer world is very competitive, and sometimes in games like Fortnite jokes can fall heavy whoever they come from. The problem comes when you realize that you don’t know how to unblock someone.

Block annoying people

Before learn how to unblock someone or a friend on Fortnite, you have to know how to block it. Luckily both operations are too easy and shouldn’t take five minutes.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that you can really only block one person from the chat. If you are unlucky, you can still find it in the game.

To achieve the block there are two ways, the first is within the game. Open the menu and select the option «Report player» or «Block”, This will automatically make the player unable to chat with you.

The second is through «Friends list», You just have to go there and right click on the name or nickname of whoever is bothering you.

This will bring up the option of «To block”(It should be noted that this is on PC, on consoles what you have to press is different).

how to block people in fornite

How to unlock someone or a friend in Fortnite?

Now if it’s time to learn how to unblock your friends or acquaintances, this involves a series of slightly longer steps. It shouldn’t take almost any time.

Once completed, they will be able to win a game again in Fortnite easily like old times. Grudges will be practically forgotten by then.

The first thing is to go to the game lobby, from here select the «Friends list» (found in the bar at the top on the right).

Then go to «Settings”Which is also at the top right but within this section, here you must uncheck the box that hides blocked players, once you have done this return to the friends list.

Now an option that was not called before will appear «Players blocked», select it (this is at the bottom of the list), now you just have to stand on the name of the person who has been forgiven and hit «To unlock«With this, everything will be ready and you will be able to talk to that character again.

With this you already know what it takes to be able to unlock someone or a friend in Fortnite, and you also have the knowledge to be able to block it. Therefore, they will be able to organize private or custom games in Fortnite again to continue having fun as always.

However, take into account that in many cases, even if you do this process, the person could be unable to talk to you (at least on PC).

This is a bug that many people have already complained about and that it will most likely be resolved in subsequent updates, but it still exists so keep it in mind.

unblock people in fornite


Now that you know how to unblock someone or a friend in Fortnite, You shouldn’t have a problem with annoying players, but as a final recommendation, try not to block your close friends.

Always remember that it is just a game, and that it is not worth creating problems between friends just because a game did not go as expected, nobody likes a toxic player, much less one who insults, so take things slowly, relax and use the game for fun because that’s what it was created for.

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