How to Unsubscribe from Ono Phone and Internet Services Forever

Some companies such as Vodafone have taken advantage of the telecommunications boom by acquiring other firms such as Ono in order to develop new strategies against competitors. However, if you are not convinced by the new service offers and terms in the contracts, we recommend that you read this article with which you will learn How to unsubscribe from Ono phone and internet services forever

What is Ono?

Ono is a company legally known as “Vodafone Ono SAU” that provides Telephone services (fixed and mobile), television and internet. In 2005, ONO acquired the telecommunications company Auna.

unsubscribe phone or no service

Some time later, specifically in 2015, Vodafone bought the Ono company and three years later the merger by absorption was carried out, marketing its products as a single company.

What services does ONO offer

Currently, ONO offers pay TV service “Vodafone TV” that includes essential, extra and total television according to the number of channels offered for each of these plans.

In addition, the company offers fixed and mobile telephone service and a hybrid fiber optic network to be able to combine internet, telephone and private television services. It is important to note that the name Ono legally disappeared in 2016 when the total merger with the Vodafone company took place, which is why it is currently recognized only as “Vodafone Spain”.

How to unsubscribe from Ono phone and internet services forever

The merger process of Ono with Vodafone has caused the modification of the billing and the service packages that are offered. For this reason, many clients have decided to leave this firm forever. If this is your case, pay attention to the procedure you must follow in order to successfully and definitively unsubscribe from Ono’s services.

Make sure you have all the information about the service you hired at ONO

You must know all the details of the service that Ono has offered you according to the contract you signed. Check if there is any type of permanence since when contracting combined plans the time of permanence usually reaches up to 18 months. In this case, you will not be able to request the cancellation before this period expires; otherwise, you will have to pay compensation to the company.

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Once you carry out this step, collect all the documentation before requesting the cancellation of the services and check the access to your email address. In addition, locate and organize the invoices that the company has sent, the contract you signed and even the offer you received at some point from Ono.

Unsubscribe from Ono services by phone

Just as it is possible to unsubscribe from Movistar by telephone, Vodafone also allows the cancellation of the line through a call. To achieve this, call the toll-free number 963 401 210 from any operator. You can also call the number 902 929 000 with a special rate or 1400 (exclusive number) for Ono company operator numbers.

In the process, you must request communication with the discharge department and request the cancellation of your line (telephone or internet). Provide the personal data requested by the operator and wait a maximum of two business days for the request to be processed.

Unsubscribe from Ono services through the internet

Just as it is possible to unsubscribe from Orange online, with Ono you can also unsubscribe through this route. To do so, write a message to Ono’s email from your email address. In the subject of the message write “solitud of low of the services of Ono”And indicate the phone number you want to cancel.

In the body of the message, describe your case in detail and return to indicate the phone number associated with the company. Ono will send you a reply message with the steps to follow. Possibly, you will have to attach some personal documents to verify your identity. Finally, wait a maximum of two business days for your request to be executed.

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