How to Update and Activate the New Version of Gmail on Android? – Complete Guide (Example)

If you still don’t know how update and activate the new version of Gmail here we are going to show you the step by step so you can continue enjoying your email. It is the largest email platform belonging to Google, being one of the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

All or at least most of the population, we have a Gmail email. And it is that this has become necessary for many things, even to carry out important procedures. For example, for our mobile to work properly it is necessary to have an available Gmail account, that is why Today we will show you how to update and activate it.

Steps to update and activate the new version of Gmail on Android

Sure you already noticed that I know a new version of Gmail, but if you still don’t have it here we are going to give you the step by step to update and activate the new Gmail in simple steps.
The first thing you should do is enter the Play Store through your Android, after logging into the Play Store with your Google account without problems.

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Once you are in the application you will go to the upper left menu, where you will see three lines horizontally.

Click on the menu and a series of options will be displayed, click on «My applications and games», it will open a new page where all the available updates that you have are found, you can click on the green button that says “Update all«Or simply search for the application»Gmail«And press»To update”.

Playstore update list

Now you just have to wait while the new version is downloaded, this takes a few minutes always depending on the internet connection you have.

Then when it’s done download update A notification will appear in the notification bar of your mobile phone, press on it and it will automatically send you to the application. You see? It would be difficult to create or configure your own domain for Gmail, but it is another matter.

If you already had your Gmail account open before updating it, you will automatically access your email to see the messages that you have not yet read or to send a new email.

On the other hand, if your Gmail email was not open, It will ask for your data to access it.

Advantages and news of the new Gmail update

The first thing you will see when updating and activating the new Gmail, is that they have redesigned their platform a bit, it finds more curved elements and eye-catching to its original version.

Now, the main objective of this new version is to allow users to have a greater variety of options in their inbox without having to enter the different Gmail menus available.

In this way, now you will be able to see a new toolbar on the right side, where you can find options such as Google Keep, or different accessories. In addition, it allows the user to incorporate different tools in this bar.

Gmail inbox

On the other hand, when you enter your email again, it will ask you the type of view you want to have, you can choose between compact, default and comfortable view.

The difference between each of them is nothing more than the amount of information that will appear in your inbox from now on.

You also have a new option, and this is that you can mark your emails as confidential. These emails can only be opened by the recipient and they will not have the option to forward them.

In addition, Gmail also decided to add the expiration option to their emails. In this way an email can have an expiration date and time in this way it will be automatically deleted when the day and time arrives, no matter where it is.

Versatility and comfort

Updating and activating the new Gmail on your Android will ensure versatility and comfort when working with your email.

You will no longer lose an email among so many that arrive daily, now you can postpone it and it will always appear among the first in your inbox. Also, you now have a more comfortable and visually pleasing platform.

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