How to Update Android Wear OS Smartwatch to the Latest Version – Easy and Fast (Example)

If you have one of these devices, it is common that you get to wonder how you can update the Android smartwatch Wear OS to the latest version available.

The Android SmartWatch, as its name says, is a smart watch that will serve as an easily accessible tool when doing a task; This watch can be connected and synchronized with your cell phone to remotely control some cell phone functions, send messages or make calls.

And, getting our devices to have the most recent updates is a goal that every user wants to meet. Either for avoid failures or to access new possibilities.

Steps to verify the smartwatch version

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Before you can jump to update the Android Wear OS SmartWatch, it is convenient to verify which version it maintains so far.

This procedure is very easy, you will only have to activate the clock to be able to press the power button and access the “Application List”.

Next, you must click on «Setting«And then in the option for»System”Of the SmartWatch to open the section.

In this section, the modality “About”. After clicking on it, you can proceed to click on «Versions”To know these.

Now, it is important that you keep in mind that the SmartWatch will have two versions, one is system specific and the other for the OS.

The first can be found on the «Wear OS by Android» page or through the «Android OS”. While, for the second, it will only be enough to search for information.

Set the watch to update the Android Wear OS smartwatch automatically

As with all Android devices, adjusting the system to automatically update the Android Wear OS smartwatch is possible.

black smart watch

What you should do is go to the clock settings section. This is achieved by clicking on the icon for the “Settings”.

Next, you will have to scroll the view until you find the section called “System updates”, Now click on it.

As a consequence, the system will search for an update available for the equipment. If there are updates, it will notify you so that you can select «To accept”, And thus, proceed to install them, if you do nothing else.

In case your SmartWatch does not have pending updates, it will notify you on its screen that you already have the latest version and you can enjoy it without worries.

Installing updates manually

For users who want update Android Wear OS smartwatch manually, there is also a step by step guide to do it.

You will need to have both your SmartWatch, a computer and the connection cable between the two devices at hand. In addition, you will have to have a specific program.

This application will be in charge of allowing the transfer and subsequent installation of everything necessary. His name is «Android Debug Bridge”Or ADB and, you can easily find it on the web for Windows, Mac and Linux.

In this sense, you should start with determine the Wear OS version or Android Wear that your team keeps. As we show you in the first section, however, here we will summarize it in four steps to make it much easier.

cartoon computer with yellow background

  1. Go to the section of “Settings”.
  2. Find the section “System”.
  3. Opt for the option «System information”.
  4. Enter the area of ​​»Versions”.

After accessing this section, you must locate the area that says «Android Wear«Or»Home app«, This may vary according to the model, you can even see it as»Wear OS”.

Whatever title your SmartWatch holds, you should carefully observe the “Version number”That will go along with any of the aforementioned fields. Don’t forget to write it down!

Also, it will be necessary to download the file that contains the new version for the clock. Remember to search with the exact model of it to obtain the correct update.

Finally, you will get a file «.zip«With the version, which you must store on your computer to complete the process with the ADB.

Using the Android SmartWatch you will be able to view and answer messages, make calls, play YouTube videos, use applications such as the calculator, screenshots, at your fingertips; You can do with it an endless number of activities until you install a keyboard to your watch.

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