How to Update Installed Extensions in Chrome and Firefox Manually? (Example)

Web browsers are the most important tools in the world right now. Because it is simple, to find something you consult it on the internet. That is why the navigator is treated like parents with affection and respect. For this today’s quote so you know how update installed extensions in Chrome and Firefox manually.

It really is something as simple as preventing downloads from opening automatically in Chrome, just to name a separate example.

Why Chrome and Firefox ?, Again simple, these two are the most used worldwide, and in terms of operation they are also the best (without belittling others, of course). For this reason, it is imperative to learn how to keep them updated not only for convenience but also for security.

As you have already read, both Firefox and Chrome are two of the best web browsers of 2020, this is mostly due to the large number of updates and extensions, which add more content and specific functions.

But Why update them manually?Well, despite the fact that it assumes that the updates are automatic, it may take a while (sometimes very long) until the browser itself does the update.

And if the update was due to a serious problem (such as security), you will be unprotected until the browser decides to update itself. For this reason, it is important to learn to update the extensions installed in Chrome and Firefox manually, because nobody wants to be without protection.

use google chrome

Update installed extensions in Chrome and Firefox manually

First we go with the one loved by Chrome fans, this has a very useful extension, which you can easily find the Chrome web Store page.

The name of this is Get CRX, and it will allow you to update any extension you want, first you must go to the extension page, from there press the right click on the mouse and an option will appear called “GET CRX of this extension”, you select it .

This will download the extension update automatically (you will see it in a download box that will appear). Then you go up Chrome: // extensions, and there you just have to drag the downloaded extension and it will install itself.

Do you see that the great of technology always offers the best products, tools and services? It is a complete and extensive list.

Mozilla Firefox

They came together in a tutorial the way of update installed extensions in Chrome and Firefox manually for a specific reason. And it is that with Firefox the same happens with the delay of the updates, in this case because it has an option that should update the extensions automatically, but that does not download them immediately when they leave.

So, with this browser to be able to update them manually, you must first open the corresponding Firefox window, then go to the section “Accessories”, and from there press the gear icon that appears, it will show an options window where you must select “Search for updates”.

With this, the updates available for your browser should appear, but there is also a way to update them individually and it is the following.

Mozilla Firefox extensions

First deactivate the option to automatically check for updates, then go back to the gear button and enter the extensions page, once there you go to the add-on you want to update and press the option “Plus”.

Here the detail page of the complement will appear, press the gear again, and select “Search for updates”, once found you just have to install. And voila, you can update the extensions installed in Chrome and Firefox manually as an expert without taking a long time.

A second option

As a final tip you should know that there is another way to stay informed of the firefox updates and this is through Mozilla AMO, which is the repository of updates for the browser.

This maintains a file of versions of each extension, so if a new update appears, it should be reflected on this page, and you can update it immediately (Of course manually).

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