How to Update League of Legends if I get an Error? – LoL – Very Easy (Example)

To update League of Legends is the most recommended step to keep up to date with the features of this great online game.

But, many users have complained about the errors during your update process, which can void the ability to play.

What should you do to update League of Legends if it has an error?

Riot is the developer of this game, in view of facing so many comments from its users due to errors in the updates, they have decided to help them.

This tool that has developed Riot promises to fix any problem regardless of its causeIt will simply be necessary to install it on your computer.

It is important to note that you can give solutions yourself to some inconveniences, in case the error is during the download, you can try these options:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Reinstall the game.
  • Please try the update again. When trying to update the game, you may also encounter a problem that does not allow you to update the game.

In case none of these options help you solve your problem, it is time to proceed with the riot tool.

Known as Hextech, this tool has administrator features that can help solve any problem that the game presents.

When entering the page you must determine what software you have, downloading the corresponding option for you, you will have Windows or Mac options.

Once the download is done you must install the solver, If you have Windows you must run it as administrator, it is the only way for it to work properly.

The game developer announces that this solver has to solve any of the problems that present the game, otherwise, it also offers good options.

Another problem that occurs many times in this game is known as a master error, which usually occurs due to a connection problem.

lol with heroes

With the ability to create error logs in .ZIP folders, Hextech will be able to send this data to Riot, with the possibility of an automated solution.

What is the reason for so many errors in League of Legends?

It has been considered that, most of the errors that occur when updating League of Legends, are caused by the number of players existing.

It is difficult to manage a download server when millions and millions of computers perform the download simultaneously.

This has caused that on many occasions download errors in which the server announces that the download has been carried out but this is not true.

Thus causing players not to be able to resume the download, this is why Hextech was created, this program is responsible for solving these errors.

Users report a number of other errors during the game, such as failures in loading implements, in connection or in logins.

Almost all these errors go hand in hand with the saturation of the servers, every day there are more players of this popular MOBA. In addition to League of Legends on the network you can find many games in the MOBA category.

Some relevant League of Legends data

It has been determined that all users are looking forward to updating League of Legends, despite the risk of error.

The solver provided by Riot It has been very well received, due to the ease with which it makes the necessary repairs so as not to lose playing time.

This has led to more and more users being able to perform updates easily, which generates higher quality in the gaming experience.

LoL heroes

What’s more, each update has new features, making the game have more levels, weapons, tools and many interesting things.

It is important to comment that Riot tends to update quite frequently, in such a way that errors are avoided and solved.

Updates will always feature new game modes and championships that help facilitate player winnings.

Finally, I hope this article helps you update League of Legends, in this way you can enjoy and play this incredible game with your friends.

To be able to play League of Legends more comfortably, it is recommended that you change the language to one of your preference.

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