How to Update Microsoft Office 2016 to the Latest Version in Spanish? – Easy and Fast (Example)

You wonder how to update Microsoft Office 2016 to the latest version in Spanish? – Easy and Fast then you should read the guide that we have prepared for this. Certainly constantly updating our programs will make work better and that they always have changes that often improve the stability of the software.

For Office, you must bear in mind that it is an application that is constantly being improved by Microsoft. It is for this reason that you should be very aware of updates, as they will surely improve the overall experience when using the software.

In the same way, we also recommend that you learn to use Microsoft Office Online correctly, a tool that could be useful if you do not work with your computer. Without further ado, read the following guide to successfully update Office.

Microsoft Office

How to update Microsoft Office 2016 to the latest version in Spanish?

If you have Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft Office 2016, you can access the update services who constantly seek to improve the user experience of the suite. It is a process that you should know about in case you are constantly working with these popular applications.

In the latest versions of Office, the process for updates is very simple, you just have to go to the internal options from any program in the suite. If you have doubts in relation to this, don’t worry, here we will show you how to do it step by step:

  1. The Office update process within Microsoft Windows It is quite easy, the only thing you will have to do is open any application of the Microsoft Office suite.
  2. Once the program is open, you will have to go to the “File” section located in the upper left part of the screen.
  3. There go to the “Account” section. In this section you will find “Product Information”Which is where the current status of the version you have of Microsoft Office is displayed.
  4. You should find “Update options” and click on the option “Update now”. When you do this the program should start looking for updates. When they meet they will begin to get off, you just have to wait for the procedure to finish.

Using the above method you can very easily upgrade from newer versions of Microsoft Office. Similarly, in this section you will find multiple options, such as “Disable updates” option that you can activate in case you do not want updates to be checked.

In turn, keep in mind that it is possible to automatically update all applications in Windows 10. A recommended option to always have the latest versions of your preferred applications.

Upgrade with older versions of Microsoft Office

In the event that you have classic versions of this popular work suite, such as Microsoft Office 2007 or Microsoft Office 2010, the procedure is something different that of modern versions. In any case, we have prepared this guide to guide you through the upgrade process in older versions of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office 2010

  1. To update to a new version with the Microsoft Office 2010 program, all you have to do is open any application in that suite.
  2. Once you have done the above, click on “File” and later in the “Help” section.
  3. Here you should locate the option “Check for updates” through which the system will notice that there are new updates.
  4. You can choose between two options, between “Check for updates” and “Install updates.” By clicking on any of these options, you can properly update Microsoft Office 2010.

Typing on computer

Microsoft Office 2007

If you have Microsoft Office 2007, you should be aware that Microsoft no longer provides technical support for this application, so you will not be able to update it directly. If you own this version of the suite, you will need to purchase and fully download Microsoft Office in its latest versions.

To download the new version of Microsoft Office, you must access the following link Download Office 365. Space in which you can purchase the license that is most convenient according to your needs.

On the other hand, although this does not relate specifically to Office, it is highly recommended that you have your drivers updated in Windows 10, since they will intervene when playing or working on the computer.

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