How to update my cell phone software without having to erase everything

Update the software of a mobile It is a simple step process, in fact it is in the default settings of the device. When updating the software of a cell phone you have to know how this procedure is executed in the devices of different brands.

If you want update the software of a mobile You must inform yourself about the device, also seek advice so that you do not complicate a process as simple as this. Do not be afraid to update the software because you think that everything will be erased, here we explain how you will do it.

What happens if I update my cell phone or mobile software?

These topics are very relative, and the procedure to follow to update an operating system differs depending on the brand of the device. That is why the first thing we are going to recommend for now is that you first inform yourself about your cell phone or mobile.

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For example, if you want to update your cell phone software to the latest version, and your cell phone has the Android operating system, the procedure will obviously not be the same. if you want to do it with an iOS software mobile device.

In this sense, you can update the Android software of a tablet or phone to the latest version, in a different way than you would with an iPhone 11 or an iPad.

The same happens with devices of the same operating system, but of different brands: to update the Android software of a Huawei, it is not the same as for a Samsung, or Krip.

I update my mobile phone software

However, all this is done for the same purpose, which is to update the software of a mobile in order to be able to do so, use the different applications with greater optimization. And that’s basically what you want when updating software.

Does everything get erased if I update my cell phone or mobile software?

Maybe on various pages and blogs on the internet you find a ‘Yes’ for this question, but the truth is that the reality is totally opposite. To update a software in the latest generation phones, nothing needs to be done, as the process is automated.

But for whom they still have cell phones or cell phones from years agoPerhaps a decade, the matter is not so simple, because these, in addition to having almost obsolete operating systems, do not have the option to update them.

That is why they also have certain limits, you cannot update a Samsung phone developed in 2010 to the latest version of Android; but if you can do it with a last generation cell phone.

All this must be taken into account, and understand that phones are increasingly being forgotten with the release of new, more efficient models and effective in every way.

As well as other brands, leaving behind the preference of existing ones in some cases. For example, you can also apply the process of updating the software with a Lanix cell phone, and in the end this will be to optimize the device, without losing or deleting everything.

What happens if everything is deleted when I update my mobile or cell phone software?

Although we have already told you no, that there is no reason for everything to be erased from your phone when updating the software, the truth is that this also depends on the mechanism for which the update was made.

In this sense, if the person who updated your phone’s software executed the procedure through a computer, passing new software wired, most likely you had to format the mobile device.

Everything is deleted if I update my mobile phone software

For this reason, if you have not saved or stored the information that the mobile contained, it is very safe that after the update do not go to find your information.

That is why it is also possible that everything is deleted, however, these are things that should be reported when doing a software update, as a warning.

If you want to execute the procedure, you have to do it with all possible precautions, using a cloud of storage so as not to lose information.

You can also choose to store that information on another device so that you can access it when you need it.

What you should consider before updating your mobile software

Update our mobile software not a task to be taken lightly, since this action will bring us different consequences, which will directly influence its operation. The interface will change, the functions will be updated, it is possible that with the update of our Software we will have to update different applications, etc. It is even possible for certain information to be erased.

That is why we must have a series of quite important considerations before carrying out this process.

Use the cloud to save your contacts

The cloud service it is one of the most practical and useful that existsAs far as data storage is concerned, it allows you to keep a large number of files, photos, videos, music, etc. stored. In a cloud on the internet, so that you can make use of this information on any device you want, simply by accessing your cloud through an account.

It is important that you take into account making a backup of all your data, or at least the most important ones, since we never know when we may have an unexpected data loss. You will only have to choose your trusted server (DropBox, Google Drive, Outlook, Mega, etc.) Select the information you want, upload it and that’s it. Keep in mind that some of the cloud services will have an upload limit.

Make a backup in your WhatsApp chats

Another item that you should make sure to back up well, it’s WhatsApp, since it is more than certain that you will host all kinds of conversation, photos, files, notes, etc. In general, WhatsApp backups are done automatically once a day or a week, as you decide.

If you feel that WhatsApp security backups are not enough for you, and you need one or another extra backup, you can always do it manually, exporting the files you want to your computer. The important thing is that you never lose information.

Activate automatic copies for Google Photos

Another of the most precious elements that we will have on our mobile, will be the gallery of images and videos, since it is very likely that we will treasure all kinds of memories, information and practical elements (invoices, card numbers, addresses, requirements, etc.), therefore, it is very safe that you want to keep all this safe information.

That is why it is imperative that before making any changes to your mobile, you make a backup of your photos. Luckily, Google Photos makes these copies automatically if you have synchronized your photos with the application. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? We assure you that doing this will get you out of more than one bind.

Apps that can help you easily back up

In addition to the applications mentioned above, it’s always good to have some extra options, since in many cases, there are applications that will give you an upload limit (GB), so if you have different clouds to distribute your information, it would be perfect. Similarly, there is also the possibility that you only want to use a specific application. That is why we present you some options:

Areca Backup for Windows and Linux

Areca Backup is a software designed for backups, developed by java, which gives you different functions, such as:

  • Compress your files in ZIP format.
  • Encryption.
  • File merge. File recovery on a specific date.
  • Filters for backups.

Among many other functions. This data backup software is free and you can use it on both Linux and Windows.

MobileTrans: from your mobile to your PC

Mobile Trans is one of the best Computer Software that allows you to transfer contacts, from your mobile, either iPhone or Android, to your computer, directly through a USB cable.

Thanks to this program you will be able to transfer all kinds of information, from photos, videos, applications, songs, messages, backups, etc. All in a safe, fast and orderly way. This application will even be able to be compatible with Windows phones.

Use cloud services for good backups

As we mentioned earlier, lThe cloud is used to create more practical backups, since we will not only be backing up our information on an external server, but we will also be able to reproduce it again on any other device we have, in case our computer or mobile is damaged and we have to change it for a new one. Or, we just want to change it.

One Drive Logo

Office 365 One Drive

One Drive is the cloud service provided by Microsoft, which allows you to store up to 1 TB in its free version, to later be able to distribute it or send it to any device you want. You can store all types of files, in any type of format.

Google Drive Logo

Google Drive with your Gmail account

Google Drive is the cloud service that gives you, as its name implies, Google, anyone with an Android device or a Gmail subscription, has access to Google Drive. This application will give us about 100GB of upload in its free version. This is one of the most used cloud services today, since as you know, Android users predominate in the world.

50 GB in Mega

Mega is another of the most used storage software in the world, since it not only works as a cloud service, but also you can also use it as a download agent, since it is capable of downloading all types of files, such as movies, documents, photos, APK’S, games, etc.

Mega in its free version only allows you to store up to 50GB, if you are registered, in addition to imposing a daily download limit on you, that is why we recommend you hire the paid version, in order to better enjoy its benefits.

What happens if I don’t update my Android software?

Failure to update the Software of your Android mobile, although it will not bring you short-term consequences, it is very likely that in the not too distant future, the operation of the mobile will be hampered, since little by little the applications hosted on your system will ask for updates, and there is a certain point at which a mobile can update the applications without an operating system update.

We highly recommend keeping your phone updated on the current software, so that you can get the most out of both your equipment and the applications that inhabit it.

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