How to Update or Change the User Profile photo on my Uber Account

Companies in the world seek strategies that make it easier for customers to meet the needs that arise, using technological tools to reach more people and create platforms for greater communication each other and better consultation of what is wanted both in the company and the user who needs a product or service.

The different ways of communicating have evolved and with it companies even the way to order a taxi is no longer in the traditional way, but easier for the customer, with the use of applications on your mobile They have made moving from one place to another much more practical.

Surely the day to day can be exhausting between so many things to do, work and home, there comes a time when you get tired of waiting for public transport or simply of the delay that can arrive or even the number of people who come to it, For that reason, here you will be explained in detail what an Uber account is in case you do not know and how to change your user’s profile picture on Uber.

What is an Uber account

This company is in charge of supplying transportation service through an app, provides vehicles with their driver internationally and connects with users through the application when connecting, that is, registering with a service that makes contact between driver and passenger through it.

uber ride route

Since its inception, it had great progress, it began as an only American company, but with its evolution, this company managed to reach Latin America in 2013. In all, for its great service and its security has been highly competitive for the rest of the taxi services where the application is located.

If you want to access their services you must install the Uber application which it won’t take much time And it will be of great help, there are millions of registered users to this application, since they give you the opportunity to search for you in an exact place and you can even schedule a trip in Uber.

If you are busy with work issues and need to get to a place as soon as possible, Uber gives you the opportunity to present yourself wherever you are and take you where you need.

Update or change the user profile photo on my Uber account

It is highly relevant to note that you must have a driver partner account in Uber and this you will need to log into your account firstIt is even valid if you never activated it, but it is important that you have it.

Whenever we belong to a social network or an application itself that has the option to place profile picture it is important to place it because when you interact you know who you are really exchanging ideas with.

phone shows uber application

In the case of Uber you can see the photo of the person who is offering you the service And there you see if you accept the service or not, if you are a concurrent passenger it is also important that you update your photo.

The first thing you should do is enter your account once being there, press the three lines in the upper corner and mark the circle of your profile photo and there you press on the pencil to change or update, choose the photo you want from your gallery or you take it instantly.

Advantages of having a profile photo if you are an Uber driver

The first thing is that you achieve greater trust between the passenger and the driverIf the photo is up-to-date, everyone will know who is the person who provides the service or who requires the taxi service.

Currently it is required that you create the Uber account there if you place the profile photo or if you already have it, update it, it is important to know that you must wait two hours for the photo to be accepted after it has been accepted. users will be able to view the photo or the changes you made.

It is recommended that the photo you place is of your face and it is clearly seen so that when using the service both the driver or the passenger do not make a mistake when meeting and also have greater trust with each other.

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