How to Update Outlook Express to the New Version of Windows for Free? Very easy! (Example)

Email is an essential aspect for people who browse, work and interact in some way on the Internet. Many of them wishing for the presence of Outlook express in the new version of Windows.

This program was nothing more than what the community has needed since the age of sending information through Microsoft began to communicate.

A simpler way of expressing it is that by means of this software the computer user was able to get access to the content of your account. Write new emails, manage groups, read news, among others.

Due to the fact that these comfortable aspects are still requested on a daily basis, the need has arisen to want to reinstall this famous program to the computer.

You should know this before downloading and installing Outlook Express

Its greatest benefit was the free distribution to each computer that had the Microsoft browser (Internet Explorer) within its content.

Therefore, it was certain that by that time, every computer that worked with the Windows operating system had this service at no cost.

Unfortunately for the reader, the Microsoft company decided cease service support to the program around 2009.

Through Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail an attempt was made to migrate the system to give it a new look. However, it also stopped working for 2016 and gave way to Outlook.

outlook express interface

As a result of all this, there is currently no way to download and install Outlook Express to the new version of Windows that your computer has.

The only way in which the user can re-acquire the latest update of this program, would need reinstall Windows XP as an operating system.

Many people have tried, but it is not recommended because it allows the entry of any virus and decreases the performance of the computer that is used. If you want to take the risk, you can take a test and know the performance of your PC with Winsat, it will not take much time and it will give you a reliable result.

In conclusion, the most recommended aspect for you is to use Microsoft Outlook. Your tools to obtain all the benefits that were offered in this program.

What alternatives can serve the same functions as Outlook Express?

The same company of Microsoft has not allowed itself to stay back to offer the best service to your operating community.

Aware that there is a group that requested the use of Outlook Express in the new version of Windows, they decided to announce a software called Microsoft Outlook Connector, which is nothing more than a free addition to the traditional mail system.

In the same way that was achieved in the previous program, try to gather all the profiles that are possible within the same program in order to achieve the comfort of the user who uses it.

original outlook installer

Therefore, the steps you must follow to update your email to this new design are easily explained here:

The first thing is access the download area who owns the program. There you must select the one that matches the version of your Windows. Within the Outlook Connector download portal, access the option “Select language” to select “Spanish”Within the drop-down menu.

Once the portal has reloaded its content. Click on the button “Download”And wait for it to complete to open the executable file that has been saved inside your computer.

The name of the file that you should execute is “OutlookConnector.exe”, So that within its main screen you accept the license agreement by checking the corresponding box.

By clicking on “Install“, You just need to wait for the process to complete and click on”Finalize”. Ready! You can now have the latest version of Outlook Connector on your computer.

Once you have finished the process, you will be able to enjoy the messaging service without any problem; Of course, you must first adjust your email preferences, such as automatic confirmation of receipt of email or change the account photo.

If you have an abandoned account, or you got a new one due to all the inconveniences of the update, it is also possible to delete and unlink an Outlook or Hotmail account.

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