How to Update PS4 Software From Safe Mode? – Step by Step

We are facing one of the best times for him developing of game consoles. With the advances, we have been able to adapt to new technologies and with this, paths have been opened to be able to introduce multiple online games on your PC Gamer or on your console. All this, with the sole purpose of providing each user with a great in-game experience.

One of the best options for which you can choose in terms of consoles, in terms of options is the consoles of PS4, being without a doubt the favorite of many gamers to record games with their friends and even to connect it to a Wi-Fi network and use it as many times as you want. However, from time to time, they must be updated to their latest version.

In this post we will explain the multiple ways in which you can perform the update, simply and quickly. This game console has been created with the thought of being the only one on the market that presents the minimum of errors within its design.

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This tool has an eight-core AMD processor. Including a unified 8GB memory and a Blu-Ray disc drive.

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Process to update the PS4 through the console system

The steps to perform the update of the softwareThey are simple, since the same console will help you to do it with different guided steps. If you have doubts, follow the following tutorial:

  • To start you need to turn on your PS4.
  • Once you are in the console system, you must click on the icon «Setting”Or likewise, on the button «Settings».
  • There, you will be able to find a list of options, among which you must locate the option of «System software update».

Once you find it, the system will begin to carry out the last update that is in existence within the system.

It is possible that during the system update, the system itself may not have access to the most recent version of it. If this is the case, you just have to locate and click on the button «Download”And then the download can begin as normal.

From the main screen you must choose «Notification» and then click on the option «downloads”. You will see the executable file to begin the installation. You just have to double click on it and continue with the rest of the instructions that will appear on the screen and which basically consist of accepting to continue.

ps4 system data

How to update the PS4 via USB

This is a way to perform the update in an alternative way, and which is one of the most used by many users due to its simplicity and speed. Also, this is a widely used method, as long as the first method does not work.

Here we explain the process step by step:

  • Start by preparing the USB device where you are going to perform the action. To do this, you must create different folders which will be necessary to save multiple records. Likewise, you must have at least 1.1Gb of space available on your USB flash drive. We must create a folder with the name of «PS4”.
  • Inside it, you must create another folder which you will load as «UPDATE”.
  • Once you have completed the previous steps, you must connect to the official website of the console, from your Pc.
  • There, you should look for the update file, more precisely, the most up-to-date version.
  • Once you do, you must save said file inside the folder «UPDATE”. You must change the file and name it «PS4UPDATE.PUP”.
  • Once step 3 is finished, it is time to turn off and then connect the USB to the PS4 even with the console turned off. Then turn it on again and boot it from safe mode.
  • If you have created and located the files Correctly, the game console will do all the work automatically, since it will locate these folders and begin the installation. Select the option «Initialize PS4«Or»Reinstall System software”And proceed to follow the instructions. And everything will be ready.

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