How to Update Skype to the Latest Version Easily (Example)

It is important and necessary to update the Skype application in order to enjoy its functionalities. Therefore, in this article we explain How to update Skype to the latest version easily.

A very popular application: ‘Skype’

Skype is an application that allows online communication between various users who use this tool. The popularity of Skype lies in the extensive work of its developers to provide a high quality service.

In addition, it is used to replace traditional communication tools such as telephony because users only require a good internet connection and / or installation Skype on their computers or cell phones.

Importance of Skype

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There are various Voip applications for free and online communication. In this sense, if you have asked yourself why use Skype instead of another application? You should know that this application not only establishes a communication via chat, but also allows you to make video calls and use voice notes.

Skype can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac OS X or Linux. The application is optimal in transmissions through a process of converting voice signals into digital packets.

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How to update Skype to the latest version easily

If you have wondered what to do when Skype does not log in? Updating the application can be one of the solutions to avoid this situation. To update Skype to the most recent version and easily, you must first identify the type of device where you have the application installed be it a mobile device or a computer.

Update Skype on an Android mobile device

If the Skype application is installed on an Android device, the update process is really simple. You just have to access «Google Play» and write the word «Skype» in the application search engine. Then, select the first option to access the information provided by the online store.

The «Update» button next to the app icon indicates that you have not updated Skype to the latest version. In such circumstance, press this button and wait a few seconds while it downloads the installation package in your terminal. The installation process is carried out automatically.

Update Skype on an iPhone mobile device

Generally, Skype updates automatically on iPhone devices. However, it is convenient to check the version of the app from its own icon. If there is a blue circle next to the Skype icon, it means that there is no need to download an update.

Otherwise, you must access the «App Store» and write «Skype» in the upper right part of the screen. If there is a recent version of the application, a button will appear which will allow you to update the app. To do so, press «Refresh» and wait a few seconds while install the latest version of Skype on your iPhone.

Skype on mobile

Update Skype on a computer

Often times, users can use Skype online without downloading or installing anything, that is, through the application. Others have the application that they access from Windows. Either way, you must access the platform through your username and password. Then, press the option «Help» which is in the menu bar.

Select the option «Check update». If there is a recent version of Skype, you will see a message where you must press the «Download» button. After answering a few questions, click «Update» and wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

Set up automatic updates

If you are not one of those who cannot install, download or update Skype, then it is recommended that you configure the Automatic Updates.

To configure automatic updates, log into Skype from your PC, locate the «Tools» tab and click «Options.» Then select «Advanced» and locate «Automatic Updates.» Finally, click on «Turn on automatic updates.»

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