How to Update SnapChat to the Latest Version on iPhone and Android?

Snapchat it is an excellent social networkThe team that has been developing this social network has focused heavily on making it one of the best of its kind. Based on this, it has developed different types of tools and options that attract more and more new users to its platform.

In function of all these New applicationsIf you are already using the platform, you should know that it is important to keep it updated in order to enjoy all these new functions.

Regardless of whether you have a device Android or iOS, both count and require almost mandatory updates to improve the system.

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How to get notified of Snapchat updates?

This may seem like a bit of a tedious task to you. However, there are manual and automatic methods with which you can carry out this task without having to complicate yourself.

To begin, you can enter the App Store or also to the Play Store on a regular basis in order to check from time to time if it is necessary to make an update of this or other applications.

However, this can be a difficult task to predict, as it is difficult to know exactly when the next update to the Snapchat app will be available.

Similarly, in the settings section of the application, you will be able to see a series of configurations among which are the notifications of updates. If you activate these notifications, you will not miss any other update ever again and you will let the application be constantly reviewed.

How to update Snapchat from iPhone?

  1. To start you must enter the iTunes App Store application
  2. You must make sure you are connected to the Internet so that you do not have problems when entering.
  3. Go to the updates tab and right there, if the update is available you will see it marked with the name of the application, in this case Snapchat.
  4. Click on the update button and you’re done. Your application will be updated in a few moments.

How to update Snapchat from Android?

  1. Begin by logging into your Play Store account.
  2. In the upper left, press the menu.
  3. Once there, you must choose the option of «My applications”And after that, the option to «games» which will be visible in the list.
  4. When you open it, you will see that a “updates”, Find the Snapchat app in the list and press it if an update is available

And voila, the application will begin to update automatically.

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What are the advantages of Snapchat?

  • The photos and videos they are self destructible This has been a great relief for many users, since Snapchat gives you the option to send a photograph or even a video, which when received by its recipient, the person will not have the minimum time to save said photo.
  • Owns a large number of filters, which in addition to being beautiful, are novel, adding also the famous, geographical filters, which depending on the location in which you are will change. Also, some filters are interactive, so if you open or close your mouth they will react in a specific way.
  • Filters are also adapted to videos. Filters are not exclusive to photos, but also, you can adapt them to the videos you make within the platforms.
  • You can make different edits to your photos and videos. It will not only be adding a filter, but it also has the possibility of addr different letters and writings to your images if you wish.

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