How to Update the Applications of my iPhone with iTunes From my PC? (Example)

iTunes is an application developed by Apple that has a version for PC. It offers the ability to download and play multimedia content, audio books, podcasts and other extras. This application however also allows you to update your iPhone applications with iTunes from a PC.

The option to update apps is not your Main function, since its design is mainly for the reproduction of music and videos.

In addition, Apple has a special application for managing, downloading and updating applications on its own devices called the App Store, so it is advisable to update the application store to the latest version.

Sometimes, it is necessary to solve the error “iPhone applications are not downloaded or updated” since obviously this will interrupt the process you want to carry out.

How does it work to update your iPhone applications with iTunes from the PC?

By downloading applications to iPhone devices, you can save to backup to be stored in iTunes. This is convenient, since after a reboot, loss or change of the phone they can be quickly reinstalled by synchronization.

Likewise, you can always have the programs you already have, eliminating the “apps” or applications with iOS so as not to archive them in the backup.

This function was also given another use, which consists of replacing the mobile phone applications by updating them in the backup copy and then when synchronizing with the iPhone, iTunes installs them automatically.

Steps to update your iPhone applications with iTunes from PC

In order to carry out this process it is necessary to have the latest version of iTunes for the PC. This can be downloaded from Apple’s official website for free.

update iPhone apps

Once downloaded and installed, the application must be run. When the program opens, it will be necessary to log in with the iCloud account that the iPhone has.

When you have logged in, click on the icon identified by three black dots, located at the top left of the iTunes interface. This will display a tray of options where you must press “Apps”.

The apps saved in the backup are displayed in the new window. It can be seen at the top that there are four tabs, one that indicates the updates, another the iPhone or iPad apps as appropriate, and one where they will all be in general.

Next, you must click on the tab “Upgrades”. In this you will see the applications that are owned and have a new version available.

At the bottom right you will find the button “Update all apps” clicking on it will automatically update all available applications and remain in iTunes.

You can also update your iPhone applications with iTunes one by one. This process exists in the event that you do not want to update all the applications. For this, click on the application you want and then select the option “To update”.

Applications that have a new version can be easily seen because they will have a red ribbon on the icon that will say “To update”.

Steps to transfer the updated applications to the iPhone

When you have all the desired applications in the latest version, you must proceed to connect the iPhone to the PC to be able to pass them and thus finish update apps from your iPhone with iTunes.

update with iTunes from my PC

At the later time that the applications are updated, you can even change the icon and name of the iPhone applications without Jailbreak to customize the mobile in question.

When the device is connected, if it is the first time, a window will appear asking to confirm if the equipment is trusted. In this window you have to select “Trust”. Then in iTunes an icon will appear next to the three dots that will be shaped like an iPhone, this must be selected.

Next, a list of options will be shown where you should choose “Apps”. Finally, all the applications found in iTunes will appear and can be installed in their latest version on the iPhone device.

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