How to Update the Apps on my Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet

The Kindle Fire Tablet created by Amazon It is used to carry out any activity, being special for working or reading your favorite books. This is very useful to carry out endless tasks, which is why it is necessary to have all the applications updated to be able to take advantage of all the functions that they provide.

That is why users wonder how to update the applications on my Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet to the latest version? This process is very easy, which you can do from different options.

Essentially, the Tablet gives us great tools, but the applications help us to improve these activities even more and by updating them you will be able to use all the new functions that are added. Next we will be mentioning you the correct way to update all the applications.

How to schedule your tablet for an automatic update

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First of all, it is important to note that generally all Amazon Kindle Fire tablets have automatic update option activated as the default function. Therefore, we will not have to worry about inquiring whether or not our terminal has all the updates of the moment.

But, it is of notable importance that for these updates to take effect automatically on our Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet we will have to be connected directly to a good internet connection, in addition to having a good Wi-Fi signal. If we do not have these requirements, the respective downloads will not be able to be carried out normally.

Manually update your apps

Before make these updatesYou must check that it is connected to the internet, so that the process is done correctly. The first way to update is manually, to do so select the ‘Applications’ option found at the top and open the apps store, which is on the left.

Upon entering, access the menu and enter the applications, now press the box that says ‘Update available’, review each one of them, since they will have the option to update next to them, press it and repeat this process with each of the applications.

Another way to update is with automatic updates, enter your Tablet settings, look for the box that says ‘Applications and games’ and then enter the application settings.

Now access the App Store for later select ‘Automatic Updates’ and press the option ‘Allow automatic updates’. By doing this you will not have to do it manually, since each time an update appears it will be done automatically.

update apps tablet amazon kindle fire

On the other hand, you can update it from the APK files, to do so go to the applications again and look for the applications and games option, but now you will have to select the option of ‘Manage all applications’ in the new tab that opens, select the from ‘Downloaded’, search for the third-party applications you want, go to APKMirror to check for updates new to the application.

Next we will show you all the steps you need to know to be able to update your Tablet Amazon Kindle Fire with different computers and operating systems. So stay with us and find out all the details.

Mac with OSX 10.5 or higher

In case you want to update your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet manually from your MAC computer you will have to download update files respective to the version of your terminal from the official Amazon website. Once this is done, we will only have to follow the steps and requirements that we will explain below.

  • First of all, we will have to install a specialized program, which will help us to proceed with the installation quickly and effectively, this is called Android File Transfer and you can download it without problems from the Android website.
  • Once this is done, our next step will be to connect the USB or charging cable to the computer, and then proceed to connect our Amazon Tablet to the other end.
  • From the Tablet we will indicate this connection as ‘File Transfer’ and we will proceed to open Android File Transfer from the respective computer.
  • From here, we will go to the internal files of the terminal, to be more specific, to the internal storage folder, to which we will pass the update file that was downloaded previously.
  • Once the transfer is finished, we disconnect the Tablet and go to the configuration. From here we will select the ‘Device options’ box, and then click on the System Update button. Now our respective Tablet will restart to proceed with the installation of the new update and will turn on again once the procedure is completed successfully.

Windows XP PC

Contrary to its most recent versions, Windows XP needs, in the same way as MAC computers, a program to be able to proceed with the update of the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. Once the respective update file has been downloaded, you can proceed to follow the following steps that we explain to you.

  • Our first step will be to install the Windows Media 11 program on our Windows XP computer. This will be of vital help for the respective installation of the Amazon update.
  • From now on we will have to connect our Tablet to the computer using a USB cable. Once this is done we will be able to see all the internal folders of the respective device through the previously installed program.
  • Inside here, we will look for the internal storage folder of the Tablet to which we will copy the previously downloaded update file. We will wait for the respective transfer to proceed and once it is finished we will be able to disconnect the Tablet from the computer.
  • In the same way as in the steps explained previously, we will have to go to configuration and then to Software update, there we will click and wait for our terminal to restart, proceed to install the update and turn on again with all the files correctly installed.

Windows xp computer

PC with Windows 7 or later

From Windows 7 version onwards we will not need any type of program or extra software to carry out the respective installation. We will only have to download the update file. Therefore, you can follow the following points that we will explain now without any problem.

  • The first step to follow will be to connect our tablet to the computer using a USB cable, once this is done we will enter the folders of our terminal, from there we can see the internal storage folder.
  • Now we will have to copy the previously downloaded update file to the internal storage folder, we wait for the data transfer to take place and then we can disconnect the tablet from the respective computer.
  • The next step will be to enter the configuration section on our tablet, from here we will look for the system update box, which we will click.
  • Our tablet will proceed to restart in order to install the updates correctly. Once finished, it will turn on again and a warning will be shown indicating that the updates have been installed successfully.

All software updates for the Kindle Fire Tablet

exist different updates for all different versions of Amazon tablets. All of these offer improvements in each of the original functions of these terminals, as well as new applications, options, configurations, tools and more.

If you want to download an update file for your Amazon Fire tablet, you can go to the official Amazon website, there you will find all the necessary files to carry out said installation in case the installation has not been possible. respective automatic update.

Next we will tell you about all software updates currently existing on Amazon which you can access whenever you want. So stay with us and find out about each and every one of them. We will give a complete count from the oldest to the most current.

First generation.

  • Kindle Fire / FireOS 1 | FireOS 6.3.4.

Second generation.

  • Kindle Fire / FireOS 2 | FireOS 10.5.1.
  • Kindle Fire HD / FireOS 2 | FireOS 7.5.1.
  • Kindle Fire HD 8.9 » / FireOS 2 | FireOS 8.5.1.

Third generation.

  • Kindle Fire HD / FireOS 4 | FireOS
  • Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 «/ FireOS 4 | FireOS
  • Kindle Fire HDX / FireOS 4 | FireOS

Fourth generation.

  • Fire HD 6 / FireOS 5 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 7 / FireOS 5 | FireOS
  • Fire HDX 8.9 / FireOS 5 | FireOS

Fifth generation.

  • Fire / FireOS 5 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 8 / FireOS 5 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 10 / FireOS 5 | FireOS

6th and 7th Generation.

  • Fire HD 8 (Sixth generation) FireOS 5 | FireOS
  • Fire (Seventh generation) FireOS 5 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 8 (Seventh generation) FireOS 5 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 10 (Seventh generation) FireOS 5 | FireOS

Eighth and ninth Generation.

  • Fire HD 8 (Eighth Generation) FireOS 7 | FireOS
  • Fire 7 (9th generation) FireOS 7 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 10 (9th generation) FireOS 7 | FireOS

Tenth and eleventh generation.

  • Fire HD 8 Plus (10th generation) FireOS 7 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 8 (10th generation) FireOS 7 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 10 Plus (11th generation) FireOS 7 | FireOS
  • Fire HD 10 (11th generation) FireOS 7 | FireOS

Each of these update versions are fully available on the official Amazon web portal. If you want to update your respective Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet manually, you can enter the page, find the update file that corresponds to the version of your terminal and proceed to download it and then install it without any problem.

tablet amazon kindle fire

Settings that the Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet has that you must apply

Each device has something that makes it different from the others and this Tablet is no exceptionSome configurations that you can do in it are, change the name, this mainly serves to recognize your device from others, to do so you just have to enter the settings, select ‘Device options’ and select change the name.

Likewise, you can make a backup copy of all your photos and videos, just access the photos and touch the more option, to find the settings, press the option to ‘Save automatically’.

If you let your child use the tablet, you will have to manage a child profile. You just have to scroll down in the notification area, select your user avatar to create a new one and press the option ‘Create a child profile’, write all the data that is requested and that’s it.

The best applications to install on your updated Tablet

Mainly this Tablet will provide you with more functions if you have the necessary applications, before downloading or updating one of these you have to have enough space, if you do not have it, the best thing is to free up the storage space. One of these is the ‘Alarm Clock for me’ in which you can select any time and sound you want, to wake up.

There is also ‘Colorfly’, in this you can paint by applying the color with a simple touch, this can be used by children and adults, as it offers a great distraction. As this Tablet is perfect for reading, it is best if you have an application that let you fulfill it, which is ‘ComiXology’ in this you can read any comics and also buy your favorite books.

It is also necessary to have a game one of the best ‘Homescapes’, which will allow you to earn points. To make this process easier, you can connect your mouse to the Tablet.

applications in my tablet kindle latest version

Mobile AP.

Another interesting application that you can download to your Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet is AP Móvil, also known as Associated Press. It is an interesting app focused on delivering you the most important news and events that happen every day. Through AP Móvil you can customize the news panel you want to see, in addition to selecting the region in which you are located.

It’s File Explorer.

Without a doubt, your Amazon Tablet cannot miss a good filing cabinet. A place where you can find all your folders, photos, videos and data of the terminal, therefore, we recommend nothing more and nothing less than ES File Explorer.

It is a file manager quite complete, thanks to this we can see all the internal folders of our device (internal storage) and external (SD card). In addition to that we will have notion of the space that each one of these occupies in our respective tablet.

Disney +

Without a doubt, there is no other way to end with a flourish than recommending you Disney +. It is one of the new and interesting streaming apps in which you can enjoy all kinds of movies, series, novels or even documentaries by your favorite actors. Enjoy hours and hours of content by installing this interesting App on your Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

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