How to Update the Google Chromecast Software to the Latest Available Version? – Very Easy (Example)

Update software Google Chromecast is something that does not require a lot of steps to be achieved, it is actually quite simple.

You will have to use some tools like you mobile device or a computer, only with this the update will be a matter of a few minutes.

How to get the latest version of Google Chromecast software?

Well, the updates released by Google generally are installed automatically on the Chromecast; so you don’t really have to do much to get them.

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But in the event that these are not acquired by the device automatically, you will have to do it manually.

Use your computer

If you have Windows, you can make your device update easily, for this, you must have administrator access.

Well, the first thing you will need is the IP of your ChromecastTo obtain it, you must access the Google Home app. Now go to the Chromecast settings and locate the IP address.

Once you have the IP, go to PowerShell From your computer, you must paste the code that we leave you below and enter the IP at the point that we indicate.

Invoke-WebRequest -Method Post -ContentType «application / json» -Body ‘{«params»: «ota foreground»}’ -Uri «http: // Here goes the IP: 8008 / setup / reboot» -Verbose -UserAgent » curl «

black chromecast devices

Once this is done, your Chromecast will begin to download the update that was missing, if it does not start or stop, you can restart the device; You will have to wait for the update to complete.

Join the Advancement Program

This is an easy way to keep your Google Chromecast software up to date without the need for great technological feats.

To join the program you must access the «Google Home» app, then in the «Devices» Choose «Setting”And finally in“Advancement Program”.

Once you have joined the program the updates will arrive before they are released to the world; you should know that these updates may have errors that are improved over time.

Is it necessary to force an update on the Chromecast?

Actually the updates of this device have not included big changes, being mostly used to correct errors.

Therefore, many people prefer to wait for the updates to do themselves, the truth is that it is unwise to update the device if it works perfectly.

The Advancement program does not always guarantee that updates are stable, so you may have problems with your device if you use this option.

What can you do with your Chromecast?

The truth is, this device has great specifications regardless of whether its software is the latest or not, so we recommend that you use it normally.

This device brings any TV to life, mainly those that do not have the ability to cast, so it returns the use of many forgotten televisions.

You will be able to see any application that be compatible with cast, like YouTube or Netflix, as well as you can connect to Spotify. All this without the need to stop using your mobile device.

Every day there are more applications that allow casting, so this device will make your experience spectacular. Explore all the entertainment opportunities the Google Chromecast has, like turning it into karaoke.

mobile with black chromecast usb

You can also use it on projectors with HDMI input so you have the possibility to expand the content display field.

Another of the incredible benefits that the Google Chromecast has is that it allows you not only to transmit the screen of your phone on the TV, but also to transmit the screen of your Laptop on your Smart TV

How long does an update take?

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, an update may take between 10 and 20 minutes, therefore, doing them is something quite fast.

You can also check progress update without the need for your TV to be disabled. The Chromecast has an LED that turns red and flashes during updates, turning solid when finished.

If your Chromecast device has a problem such as error messages, connection problems or that it does not allow you to update the software, it is best to reset your device to the factory state.

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